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Sunday Midday (2 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 2-November-2008  12:02:33 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

More news from IBM and Apple, with IBM offering one of its executives a years pay to keep him away from Apple. Mixed in with IBM's arguments for preventing Papermaster from working at Apple, the lawsuit details just how badly IBM wanted him to stay. While Big Blue didn't go so far as to write a love ballad, it did offer Papermaster a raise and, more interestingly, even a full year's salary to essentially do nothing—as long as he stayed away from Cupertino.

The Pirate Bay has reach another milestone with over 20 million peers. By November 2007, The Pirate Bay was tracking around 6 million peers, up from ‘just’ 3 million the year before. The growth has been amazing, and it doesn’t seem that it is going to slow down anytime soon. One of the reasons it was possible for the site to handle this record number of peers are the constant improvements on the software and hardware side. New servers are added regularly, budget permitting, and UDP trackers were added to all the torrents on the site, which are less resource consuming than TCP trackers.

Intel's market share continues to grow according to third quarter data. ISuppli figures for Q3 2008 are now available according to InformationWeek. Intel is the big winner in the CPU market now holding a massive 80.4% share of the global revenue in the CPU industry. Intel's market share is up 1.7% from the same quarter in 2007. AMD isn’t faring as well as Intel in the market and iSuppli reports that AMD's market share declined by 1.8% for the quarter to 12.1%.

Digital advertising is becoming more intrusive by filming peoples reactions. Think of them as billboards 2.0. Where traditional hoardings – flapping paper promoting outdated products – once stood, digital adverts are now watching you watching them. Think you can ignore them? Think again. The latest ads use smells and 3-D visuals to catch your attention, even beaming sound messages to cut through the clamour of a busy street.

There is nothing special about taking photos of Jupiter's moons, but one iPhone owner has done just that with the inbuilt camera. It was aimed through a telescope to create a 267x magnification. He then cleaned it up in aperture on a Mac and posted it to Mac Observer. Before you rush out and try to duplicate the image, you should know that you've got to have perfect conditions and fairly expensive gear. Still, it's incredible that a 2-megapixel, fixed-focus camera can see more than 500 million miles.

For your daily does of laughs, why not check out these 30 awesome Tux logos? Tux is the world famous and endearing symbol of Linux. I don’t know any other software mascot that is so loved and venerated other than Tux. There are plenty of reasons for this phenomenon, but I won’t try to enumerate it here. Perhaps seeing my collection of "30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons" can somehow help explain why Tux is so adored.

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