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Tuesday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 4-November-2008  02:51:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

This gargantuan post is from Matt!

Do you remember when philquad needed to get his wheelchair from Melbourne to Newcastle? A true example of community spirit, and philquad once again wants to extend his thanks to all those involved in the mammoth task.

Ubuntu has 1-upped Windows Vista, accord to system benchmarks anyway. Well, I think nowadays even Windows Mobile is better than Windows Vista, and Ubuntu 8.10 it’s also better than Vista, after its release a few days ago, Ubuntu 8.10 was benchmarked along with Vista in a computer with the same specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 CPU at 2.53 GHz, an Elitegroup Computer Systems G31T-M motherboard with integrated Intel graphics and 2 GB of SDRAM.

AMD is 1-upping Intel with its 22nm fabrication technology. Representatives from the chip giant will be presenting a paper at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), which kicks off in San Francisco on 15 December. They will discuss how they produced a 291Mb SRam memory array to test the process, which uses high-k and metal gate technologies. It has a density of 0.171µm˛, EE Times reports.

The Large Hadron Collider might have been 1-upped by older particle accelerators. A scientist says one of the most sought after particles in physics - the Higgs boson - may have been found, but the evidence is still relatively weak. Peter Renton, of the University of Oxford, says the particle may have been detected by researchers at an atom-smashing facility in Switzerland.

Sensis has conceded that it has been 1-upped by Google. Telstra's Sensis has given up on competing with Google in online search and mapping, announcing today it would provide its Yellow business listings to Google Maps and abandon its own search engine for one powered by Google. From the first quarter of next year, all of Yellow's business listings - the most comprehensive directory in Australia - will be stored in Google Maps. As well, Google's search engine will power the search feature and text advertising on Sensis.com.au.

TV has been 1-upped by a combination of Boxee, Apple TV and Hulu. People want to do much more with their iPhone then Steve Job allows. So they jailbreak it. The same goes for the Apple TV. While it is a great and relatively cheap media center, it has restrictions, just like the iPhone. Wouldn’t it be nice to play xvid videos, stream shows from Hulu, listen to LastFm, Twitter the name of the movie you are currently watching or see what music your friends are listening to on your big screen TV connected to an Apple TV? Well, you can do that with Boxee!

Here's an invention that stops table saws 1-upping people's fingers. The blade carries a small electrical charge. This charge is continuously monitored by a digital signal processor. When contact is made, the human body absorbs some of the charge, causing the voltage to drop. The drop in voltage triggers a quick release aluminum brake. A heavy duty spring forces the brake into the teeth of the spinning blade. The teeth dig into the aluminum, stopping the blade cold. The blade’s momentum forces it to retract below the table, and the motor is automatically shut off.

Is PC gaming being 1-upped by consoles? Nowadays, all we seem to hear about in the gaming world are consoles. It’s all about which is better, what exclusive games are coming out or even when we can expect new ones. But the PC has a place in the gaming world too, doesn’t it? Maybe not. In a recent interview with VideoGamer.com, developer Peter Molyneux said that he believes the PC gaming market is in “tatters.” And coming from him (a legend amongst PC gaming developers… who has now switched to the Xbox 360 for Fable II), the comment should be taken seriously. Is the PC gaming market declining?

Acer is set to 1-up the Eee PC with shipments of its Aspire One. Asus has set a target for Eee PC shipments this year of 5 million, which would be a million shy of the lead if Acer meets its target. The defeat may not be easy for Asus to accept since the company has largely been responsible for popularizing the netbook idea commercially with the Eee PC. Asus launched the Eee PC late last year to great fanfare at its small size and price. The least expensive Eee PC at the time came with a 7-inch screen and an NT$7999 (US$240) price tag.

Ever wanted to create a panorama but couldn't be bothered? You’ve never done it cause you’ve never found the good software into Ubuntu or it was too complicated to set up? Me too. Until recently and the discovery of Hugin. Let see how to achieve this. First of all you obviously need of Hugin itself. Fortunately it is part of (K)Ubuntu 7.10 repository!

Religion meets video games in an ugly brawl. The Australian Muslim community has accused the Federal Government and police of double standards over their treatment of a free online game in which the aim is to kill as many Muslims as possible. Keysar Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association, wrote to the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, expressing outrage over the game, Muslim Massacre, saying it teaches young people to "further hate Muslims" and encourages them to carry out "acts of discrimination, vilification or outright violence against Australian Muslims".

New Scientist have the seven greatest scientific hoaxes of all time. For this week's issue of New Scientist I edited a review of The Sun and the Moon by Matthew Goodman, which tells the story of the great moon hoax of 1835. Read the review here. This got me thinking about other great scientific hoaxes in the past. After doing a bit of digging, I was amazed by how many there were – and at the variety and creativity of the hoaxes. Here are a few of the best. Of course, there are serious cases of scientific fraud, such as the stem cell researchers recently found guilty of falsifying data and the South Korean cloning fraud. The following stories, however, are not so serious.

Gigabyte has revealed its latest x58 motherboards, which are capable of supporting Intel's new i7 chips. GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards today is pleased to announce their latest high performance X58 Series motherboards, the GA-EX58-EXTREME and GA-EX58-UD5 designed from the ground up to unleash the awesome power of Intel’s new Core i7 processors. Equipped with a host of new features including the new QPI interface, 3 channel DDR3 support, 3 Way SLI™ and CrossFireX™ support, Ultra Durable 3 technology and the industry’s most extensive range of overclocking features, the GIGABYTE X58 Series is bringing excitement back into the high performance motherboard industry.

Live Mesh has been released for Macs and Windows Mobile. Microsoft's Live Mesh file sync technology, previously available only via Windows PCs, has now been extended to Windows Mobile, allowing you to access files via your phone (and potentially leave the PC itself at home), and to Mac OS X, useful if you work across both Windows and Max platforms.

Today's timewaster is Super Mario Flash. Relive the entire mario experience, right down to the 1-up mushrooms.

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