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Tuesday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 4-November-2008  22:18:07 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Everyone by now should have read at least 1 review about Intel's new Core i7 platform, which was launched on Monday. Question now is; "Are you going to upgrade"? Core i7 is set to hit retail shelves here in Australia by November 12 and it won't be cheap. "Online technology retailers are offering the 920 from anywhere between $600 and $1100, the 940 at between $1100-$1250 and the 965 at around $2500-$2900. Intel's new family of processors will be an expensive upgrade however, as they are not compatible with older motherboards. City Software is selling the 920, 940 and 965 processors with MSI's DX58 Platinum Motherboard for $1350, $1870 and $3700 respectively".

Yesterday Valve announced the launch of Steam Cloud. Steam Cloud is a system which will allow users to store game data as well as hardware configurations such as keyboard and mouse, indefinitely. "The Steam Cloud will "just work," meaning any user changes to their game options will propagate to the Cloud by default. Upon logging into Steam from another PC, these settings will be brought down from the Cloud and automatically leveraged by the game. Any configuration changes on this second machine are then synced to the Cloud for future sessions."

Engineers from Comcast have released the first ever real world data on Proactive network Provider Participation for P2P (P4P) technology. "While only a trial, the results do show that P4P's iTracker technology can increase P2P download speeds by 80 percent on ISP networks without materially increasing the network load."

AustralianIT, a News Limited publication is reporting that Telstra managed to dodge a broadband debate at a national broadband conference which began today in Sydney. Apparently Telstra's wholesale group managing director Kate McKenzie pulled out of this conference because the organisers failed to drop two speakers from the event, one being David Forman, executive chairman of the Competitive Carriers Coalition (CCC) and telecommunications analyst Paul Budde. "TELSTRA has been accused of attacking free speech after it attempted to silence voices in the debate over the federal Government's $4.7 billion national broadband network."

For a very long time, the Gaming peripherals market has been dominated by 2 major players, Razor and Logitech. However, this might change soon with the appearance of a new kid on the block, Roccat Kone. "over the last year of delays, a lot of buzz has been building over a company called Roccat, suffused with a ridiculously over the top viral marketing campaign, they have finally released the Roccat Kone. It's a right handed, ergonomic gaming mouse with sexy lighting and impressive features."

Here's an interesting product. Can you see yourself playing an FPS game using one of these?

AMD has released more info on their 45nm CPU lineup. "AMD is planning to launch two 45nm quad-core desktop CPUs (Deneb) the Phenom X4 20550 and 20350 for socket AM2+ systems with core frequencies of 3GHz and 2.8GHz, respectively in November this year, according to sources at motherboard makers."

2009 is set to spring many surprise titles for Xbox 360 owners. "Speaking to VideoGamer.com in an interview to be published later this week, Microsoft's UK head of gaming and entertainment Stephen McGill said that there was "lots of great stuff" coming in 2009 that people "don't know about".

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