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Wednesday Night (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-November-2008  20:34:21 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

The future of lightbulbs has never been so green...or so weird. Within the next several months, several of the world’s biggest lighting companies, including Osram Sylvania and Philips, will introduce LED replacement bulbs to various world markets, including the United States. While the bulbs will be praised for their energy-saving characteristics and long lives, most consumers will immediately think, “These things look weird.”

If you thought those were weird, wait until you see these flash drives. Bacon - the smoky, fatty, traditional pork-based breakfast favorite has emerged as one of the Internet's most memorable memes. If it's bacon, it can't be bad - and the more bizarre it be, the better. No matter that 99 percent of those who enjoy "bacon-wrapped (insert disturbingly incongruous food here)" on their screens will never touch, taste or smell the object of their affection... just thinking of bacon is more than good enough.

And you can enjoy as much bacon as you want, as scientists have found a drug that tricks the body into losing weight. The University of Louis Pasteur team found the drug protected mice against weight gain and insulin resistance. The drug SRT1720 - a chemical cousin of red wine extract resveratrol - targets the protein SIRT1, which is thought to combat ageing, Cell Metabolism reports.

But maybe drinking this beer could have the same effect? Since headlines began trumpeting the antiaging effects of red wine a couple of years ago, the traditional toast to good health has become more meaningful. But students at Rice University, in Texas, think that beer drinkers shouldn't be left out. They're trying to engineer a yeast that produces the antiaging chemical found in red wine--resveratrol--and use it to brew "BioBeer" with a health boost.

But if that's not crazy enough for you, what about these 50 photoshopped images? The 50 highest scoring entries in the PST photoshop contests during the month October (2008)… For entries made for contests with a source image, you can compare the result with the original.

Or maybe you would prefer the relaxing tones of new Windows 7 desktop backgrounds? Recently, a lot of buzz has been created by Microsofts upcoming Operating System, formerly known to the world as Blackcomb, then Vienna and now Windows 7. Users from all over the Globe are dying to get every single detail that they can lay their hands on. Many new features are expected in Window 7, such as improved system tray, thicker sidebar, to name a few. Also included are a range of new wallpapers (as below) for Windows users to select for their desktop backgrounds.

With all those images, why not put each one on a different desktop in Windows XP? If you’ve ever used Linux then you know how effective having multiple desktops is can be. Not only does it aid in keeping down desktop clutter, it allows you to organize your desktop into various work environments (such as networking desktop, writing desktop, graphics desktop, programming desktop, etc). I have always been a big fan of this metaphor and have taken full advantage of its usage.

You may need some exceedingly fast RAM before you run them though. One of the biggest changes Intel has made with Core i7 is, of course, the integration of the memory controller onto the chip die. For its high end chips, it's also switched from dual to triple channel controllers. Given that changes in memory speed should have a far larger impact on Core i7 than they did on the Core 2 series – where the FSB was more likely to be a bottleneck – putting the fastest possible memory into a Nehalem machine will be key to unlocking its true performance.

Of course, its far better to use high speed RAM for gaming, especially considering sales of games are outstripping videos and music. UK sales of games will outstrip music and video for the first time in 2008, says a report from Verdict Research. A huge shift in consumer attitudes has turned video games into the UK's most popular form of entertainment, say the retail analysts.

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