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Thursday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 6-November-2008  02:24:12 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Things are not looking good at Nvidia if this report is anything to go by. Apparently the planned roll out of Nvidia's GTX270 and GTX290 has been delayed until February, 2009. And to make matters worse the GX2 appears to be dead. "IT LOOKS LIKE Nvidia's run of bad luck is continuing. The latest word is that the GT200b is in for another respin, that would be the third. This means the 270 and 290 are effectively delayed until February, and the GX2 part is quite dead.

First it was Sony, who announced that it has no plans of dropping the price of its PlayStation 3 in the foreseeable future. Following day Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon and it too announced that there are no plans of a price cut to the Xbox360 this year. Today we hear that Nintendo is joining the party by announcing that it's gaming console, Wii, will not see a price cut. "This is my personal thinking, but when the model's price-tag drops over time, manufacturers are telling consumers it's better to wait, and I've always thought that was a mistake," Iwata said. This seems to be an opinion one has the luxury of holding when their console is entering its third holiday season, and they still can't meet demand."

Core Security Technologies have identified a vulnerability in Adobe Reader version 8.1.2. "Damian Frizza, a CoreLabs researcher, discovered the vulnerability in May while he was investigating a similar vulnerability in a different PDF viewer application called Foxit Reader. Core Security immediately reported the new hole to Adobe.

Ars Technica has an interesting article about Carbon nanotubes (CNTs). "As we continue to push more data around the world faster and faster, an efficient telecommunications infrastructure is a must. Optical computing will also need small, cheap components that don’t skimp on performance as well. Although CNTs look promising for both applications, much of this hinges on the economics of scaling up CNT production to meet the demands of all the new and exciting devices we’re seeing roll out of the laboratories around the world.

Water cooling is nothing new in the world of overclockers, however, for one reason or another some people still feel iffy about running a water cooling setup in their system. If you're one of those people then you should take a look at TweakTown’s Guide to Water Cooling Made Easy. "I've always wanted to move to water cooling in my main rig as long as I’ve had a computer. And with the nagging engineer in the back of my head telling me never to mix water and electronics, I took the plunge anyway.

With Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 just being released you might want to take a look at Bit-tech's review of the game and see what the Russians are getting up to. "Things have changed with the Command and Conquer franchise over the past few years and it seems that ever since developer Westwood was first devoured by Electronic Arts the series has had a turbulent time."

If you happen to own a copy of FarCry 2 and you plan on treating yourself to a system upgrade, more specifically, a Core I7 965 Extreme, X58 and DDR3 system upgrade then you might be interested in this review. "We decided to miss the initial rush of hurried reviews on FarCry 2 and SLI and opt for FarCry 2 on Core I7, specifically the "Big Dog", the Core I7 965 Extreme. By waiting for the NDA to lift on Core I7 and the Intel X58 chipset, we're able to bring you a fresh look at FarCry 2, SLI, CrossFire, the X58 chipset, and Core I7 all rolled into one."

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