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Saturday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 8-November-2008  01:50:21 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Palit claims to have built the World’s Most Powerful Graphics Card. The new Revolution 700 Deluxe effectively puts Palit in the kings throne of fast graphics – advertising it as the World’s Most Powerful Graphics Card, it is the first custom designed video card based on AMD/ATI’s HD 4870 X2.

Sparkle on the other hand will bundle a custom designed control tool called Spa Tune with all their graphics cards. GRAPHICS CARD Maker Sparkle has announced that all new hardware from the Taiwanese company will be bundled with Spa Tune, a custom-designed control tool which will allow users to fine tune graphics performance and power consumption.

Meanwhile sources close to Nvidia claim that the gpu manufacturing giant is close to releasing the GeForce Stereoscopic 3D glasses. According to sources in Taiwan's graphics card industry, Nvidia has outsourced the manufacturing of its GeForce 3D stereo glasses to EMS provider Flextronics, and the product has passed design validation tests (DVT) in October and is ready to be shipped before the end of 2008.

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang reportedly said yesterday that he wants Microsoft to buy Yahoo, however, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today said that Microsoft was "not interested" in making a new offer for Yahoo. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today said that Microsoft was "not interested" in making a new offer for internet company Yahoo, despite Yahoo's share price currently sitting at less than half what Microsoft initially offered.

iiNet's managing director Michael Malone said that Rudd Government's $4.7 billion national broadband network was "doomed to be a monumental failure". Malone said that the government's good intentions had become lost. "They have misunderstood the need for regulatory policy reform and mishandled the process so badly that it is doomed to failure before it's even begun," he said.

Creative Labs have finally put a smile on Linux users faces with the official release of Sound Blaster X-Fi Linux driver under the General Public License. Creative's X-Fi on Linux has been far from a pleasant experience, but today that may begin to change. As a move that could be interpreted as either Creative Labs throwing in the towel or them simply acknowledging they want to play with the Linux and open-source communities nicely, they have announced the release of the source-code to their binary driver. We have a discussion thread on our forums.

According to cryptographic experts Erik Tews and Martin Beck, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption protocol can be cracked in fifteen minutes.Cryptographic expert Erik Tews will appear at PacSec security conference in Tokyo next week with his presentation, "Gone in 900 seconds: Some Crypto issues with WPA." There, Tews is expected to show off his discoveries in TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) cracking, that allow WPA to be broken in a brief 12-15 minute window.

Eight days ago it was reported that Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General, strongly opposed to any change in legislation regarding video game classification. However, it appears that Mr Atkinson has had a change of heart. While originally refusing to reveal just what he objected to in the original paper, Mr. Atkinson has now made the allegation that the submitted paper was "biased", and "did not adequately represent both sides of the argument.

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