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Saturday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 8-November-2008  17:14:36 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

If you're waiting for Windows 7, it'll be out by Christmas...next year. LOS ANGELES--In a technical session on Thursday afternoon, Microsoft provided the clearest public indication that it is planning on getting Windows 7 completed in time to run on PCs that ship for next year's holiday buying season. In a presentation on its somewhat secretive Velocity program to improve PC quality, Microsoft director Doug Howe showed a slide saying that the Vista Velocity program would continue through next spring as Microsoft worked to improve Vista machines that ship in next year's back-to-school time frame. He went on to say that Microsoft would continue the Velocity effort with Windows 7.

So this year why not buy one of the worlds most expensive keyboards? I’m sure most of you may think you already have good keyboards, but I found some that are actually quite amazing and out of the ordinary. You may never be able to afford some of them, but they are fun to look at! Some are programmable, some you can twist and bend and one you can see in total darkness.

But what font should you use while typing? You’ve probably seen the term serif before and you might even know what it means: A serif is the small detail, or tail, that extends from the end of the core strokes that comprise alpha characters. A sans serif font doesn’t have these details.

Maybe you need some free vector images to go with your text? There's plenty of free vector art out there, but most of it shouldn't be seen in public, let alone on your latest digital art masterpiece. Here are 60 completely free vector graphics that even the professionals use. They really should cost money, but we're not complaining!

IF your looking at images of a different kind, then you'll be glad Firefox finally has porn mode. To see the new features, you’ll need to download a nightly build, which is not something we recommend for most people, but if you’ve just got to try it, you can grab a copy from the developer site. To enable private browsing mode, head to the tools menu and select the new Private Browsing option. Once you do, Firefox will stash away all your current windows and tabs and offer a new window that displays this message (Minefield is the code name for pre-release builds)

If you somehow manage to get a virus, here's how to re enable Add/Remove Programs. Today, I will share a tip with you, on how to troubleshoot Add/Remove programs, when disabled by a Virus. There are times when you get an error while opening Add/Remove feature from your Control panel. The system gives an error by saying that it has been disabled by the administrator. Are you facing such type of problems? Recently, I had the same problem in my system. Surprisingly, it has a very simple and easy solution, any newbie can do this easily, by following the steps mentioned below.

Maybe you should value security a bit more. Do we value better security? That's a fair question. I know my readers do, but I'm talking about the population in general. Computer malware has been around almost as long as computers have been. Even in the earliest days, the biggest "iron" that completely filled large rooms, with only dummy terminals attached, had to worry about computer worms and viruses.

And don't leave your keys lying around in plain sight. Few of us would care if our house keys appeared in a photograph of the family picnic posted on the internet. But we should be concerned because advances in digital imaging and optics meant any photograph of a key posed a potential security threat, Stefan Savage, a computer science professor at the University of California, warns. Professor Savage and two of his PhD students have developed a software program called Sneakey that can clone a key in "two to three minutes" after analysing a digital photograph.

What do chickens, environmentalists, and a pirate have in common? But like always, the Linux community is a vast store of fascinating information and ideas. I’ve worked with a Japanese company called Plat’Home, maker of small, tough, eco-friendly servers, for the past nine months or so. They ran a contest this summer about ideas. They called it the “Will Linux Work? Contest.” They collected ideas from Linux lovers on how they would use Linux in interesting and sometimes challenging ways.

What is better-Ubuntu or Mac OS X? Last week we published Ubuntu 7.04 to 8.10 benchmarks from a Lenovo ThinkPad T60 and had found Ubuntu's performance degraded peculiarly over the past year and a half. We then published Fedora 7 to 10 benchmarks covering the same time-frame and from the same exact Intel notebook computer, but the newer releases of Fedora were only marginally slower in a few tests. In our performance exploration of Ubuntu we now have additional tests to publish this morning. This time around we're switching out the hardware we're testing on to Intel's newer Core 2 series and we're comparing the performance of the x86 and x86_64 editions of Ubuntu 8.10 against Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.5 operating system.

Do you want to help combat vampires? Are you too lazy to go around unplugging appliances when you’re done with them? Do you still consider yourself environmentally aware? Then maybe it’s time to look into purchasing the Harriet Carter Outlet Switch. The device— not to be confused with a power strip— is a current cutter that allows you to turn off electricity flow while appliances are still plugged in.

BitTorrent Inc. is going through a rough patch, with co-founder Ashwin Navin leaving and half the staff, including the CEO, being laid off. As an open-source technology protocol, the file-sharing system BitTorrent is going strong, representing about half the world’s Internet traffic by some measures. But the San Francisco company, BitTorrent, is showing signs of serious trouble while it tries to commercialize the technology.

Its not just the first world under attack by anti-piracy groups. Although many stories about anti-piracy activity seem to come out of the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia, operations are certainly not limited to these countries. Today, news is filtering through that South Africa’s biggest BitTorrent and Usenet NZB sites have been taken down by the recording industry.

The ultimate toaster. 'nuff said. Do you like your toast dark? How about the Dark Side of the force? If the path of a Dark Jedi is your calling, you may want to remind yourself by branding all of your toast with the dark lord himself. This Darth Vader toaster will brand a semblance of Vaders helmet on to your toast every morning.

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