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Sunday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-November-2008  13:43:03 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Busy day in the news room so let's begin....

Corsair has just been voted the Best Power Supply Manufacturer of 2008. Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced that it has been voted “Best Power Supply Manufacturer” by the readers of Custom PC Magazine for the second year running.

Yesterday we heard that Palit has built a custom designed ATI HD 4870 X2 which it claims to be the most powerful video card. Today we hear that Gainward is getting ready to unleash their new beast which they call it; Rampage 700 Golden Sample 'Goes Like Hell' Edition.

Meanwhile, AMD's much anticipated follow up to its RV7xx GPU, 40nm chip known as the RV870, will not be a multi-chip module. Whilst there has been a great deal of speculation about whether or not the Sunnyvale, CA based company would make its RV870 GPU, a multi chip module, it is claimed that the company will go down the path of making it a single chip instead.

PowerColor has added a new card to its line up, PowerColor LCS HD4870 Water cooled Card. TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, announces a brand new graphics card for overclockers – PowerColor Liquid Cooling Solution, LCS HD4870. With EK Water Blocks cooling solution, PowerColor LCS HD4870 provides an extraordinary thermal performance in a single slot design, enhances overclocking ability to its optimum stability and delivers an extreme gaming performance.

Apparently the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was the subject of a DDoS attack the other night. In a statement to the INQ, the BBC said the attack originated in a number of different countries but didn't specify which. When the Beeb's techies blocked international access to a limited subset of servers, it resulted in a marked improvement of the serving of bbc.co.uk.

If people think that Rudd Government's proposed internet filtering plans are "over the top", then spare a thought for our friends in the UK where the British Government plans on installing black boxes at ISPs around the country for the purpose of logging every email and web site visited by its citizens. Shady Home Office officials have had talks with representatives from British based ISPs including BT, AOL Europe, O2 and BSkyB and told them of possible plans to implement the "black box" technology for storing all raw data being transmitted over the Web. It would all be funnelled into a giant central database controlled by the Government.

Tim Smalley from Bit-tech is off to Taipei, Taiwan for MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena competition. MSI says that it has gathered the world’s best overclockers for the competition, and they will be using MSI’s P45D3 Platinum motherboard at the heart of a platform sponsored by Intel, Nvidia, OCZ Technology, Western Digital, Enermax and Genius.

So you think you have a pretty awesome Home Theatre setup, aye? Does it include 40,000 LPs; 20,000 CDs; 15,000 DVDs; 12,000 laserdiscs; and more than 5,000 high-definition possibilities!? What about 30 McIntosh Tube Amplifiers, Sony SRX-R110 - a 4K Cine Alta professional projector with 8.89 megapixels, Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, Twin General Electric No. 868 high voltage transformers (13,800 volts to 240 volts/800 amperes each), 8.8 octagonal KSS sound system, 8-foot-by-10-foot Stewart Snowmatte film screen? Chances are that those specs alone have already surpassed your own setup but if you had some serious dollars than this Mother of all Home Theatres might just be within your reach.

Here’s a scary thought. According to a report on ComputerWeekly, 280m people worldwide have lost personal details over the last three years, with almost a fifth (19%) of data loss incidents linked to government organisations. The consultant said that overall, 25% of data losses were through PC thefts.

TechARP has just posted the latest Microsoft Windows 7 Road Map.

HardwareZone have a head to head duel between Eee PC S101 and Eee PC 1000H. Although the netbook market is still in its infancy (though growing really fast), the Eee PC branding has gone from cool to overly confusing in that short span of time. With the shenanigans that ASUS has been pulling lately with the sheer number of new models being released, we had the nasty feeling that they were trying to turn the Eee branding for all their products (which luckily wasn't so).

Now for some gaming news and we start with Bit-tech who posted their first impressions of Valve's Left4Dead demo. While IGN takes a look at the soon to be released new COD game in a hands on preview called Call of Duty: World at War Blowtorch & Corkscrew.

And staying with COD, there seems to be some very nasty words coming from Infinity Ward's Community Manager Robert Bowling, who took a very angry swipe on his personal blog at Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War producer, denouncing him as "Senior Super Douche Noah Heller" who "doesn't know what the f*** he's talking about". If I see one more Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare google alert come through my inbox, that ends up being a COD:WaW article that is only showing up because YOU referenced Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare more times than you mention World At War….Especially when you’re pulling s*** out of your ass..... It's safe to assume that Robert doesn't like Noah.

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