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Tuesday Morning News (16 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 11-November-2008  01:12:13 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

If you happen to have a pacemaker or know someone that does, then you might be interested in this story. RESEARCHERS reported Sunday that the headphones used with popular MP3 players, like Apple's Ipod and others, can interfere with implanted heart pacemakers and defibrillators.

It seems that those pesky Nigerian scammers and other cyber criminals are up to their old tricks, this time targeting Facebook users. Now that even non-tech savvy internet users know not to respond to, or click on links in, emails from strangers, online thieves have turned to social networks and are finding it is easier to trick people when posing as their friends.

I haven't heard this before but apparently there were rumours going around that Telstra was in the market to buy some media companies as prices came down, however, chief executive Sol Trujillo has ruled Telstra out as a buyer of traditional media assets. The comments came amid speculation Telstra might be a wild-card bidder for media companies as prices came down, seeking to add more content to its businesses, which include the Sensis classifieds unit, BigPond internet access and a half stake in the pay TV provider Foxtel.

NetRegistry chief executive Larry Bloch has weighed in on the internet filtering debate saying the government had gone too far. Australia's biggest domain name seller NetRegistry has slammed the government's proposed internet content filtering scheme, claiming that the proposal would hurt small business.

A US National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force says that cyber attacks on the White House in recent months have originated in China. The unnamed official quoted within the report speculated that the cyberattacks might follow the "grain of sands" approach allegedly used by Chinese intelligence. That involves parsing through often low-level information to find a few nuggets.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer says that Windows Mobile 6 is real and it's coming soon. Clearly, Steve Ballmer is determined to dominate this morning's news. After smugly rejecting Jerry Lang's 180 Yahoo takeover plea, the outspoken CEO has today let slip a biggie for lovers of smartphones everywhere: Windows Mobile 6 is real and it's coming soon.

It seems that Electronic Arts just can't keep themselves out of the spot light in recent week, most of which is for all the wrong reasons. Apparently EA is facing a pair of new class-action lawsuits which were lodged against EA last month. Both suits were filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and both target EA's use of the controversial SecuROM digital rights management (DRM) software on the company's PC games.

2008 proved to be a very good year for Nintedo in Europe. According to financial results report released by Nintendo, sales of Wii in Europe have reached 10.4 million units. Sony's PlayStation 3 was second and Microsoft's Xbox 360 came in third. The Wii hit its peak in April with nearly 180,000 units sold, compared to its rivals sales of around 90,000 each. However, the data did suggest that the recent price cut on the Xbox 360 improved sales, with Microsoft selling over 60,000 units in October, topping the PS3.

If you're in the market for some new DDR3 memory for you Core i7 rig, then you might want to have a read of this article on Techage. Can't decide on the right memory kit to pick up with your brand-new Core i7 PC upon release? This article was designed for you. We aren't comparing brands here, but are rather comparing densities and frequencies against each other to see if there's any point at all in purchasing a higher-end kit. You might just be surprised at our results.

If you're not planning on jumping on the Nehalem bandwagon just yet and are in the market for a good overclockers friendly motherboard then check out Foxconn's special P45 Quantum Force motherboard. Expreview has gotten hold of some photos and details of another Quantum Force series motherboard almost ready to be unleashed from Foxconn. As it's based off Intel's P45 chipset for Core 2, it's a bit of a shame Foxconn couldn't get this particular board to market much sooner, what with Nehalem now stealing much of the enthusiast light.

Ars Technica is looking in to Getting hydrogen from water without precious metals. One of the most hotly pursued areas of green energy technology is the search for an economical and practical method of splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. The main target product, hydrogen, is a clean and energy-rich fuel that could substitute for fossil fuels in many contexts. Water is an obvious source of hydrogen, and it may be possible to produce hydrogen using light energy in a renewable and sustainable fashion.

Ever wondered what gaming on the iPhone would be like? TrustedReviews attempts to answer this question in detail. One year ago, Apple and gaming weren't often found in the same sentence. While a few die-hards liked to pretend that the Mac was a viable games platform and not just a vehicle for World of Warcraft and a handful of PC hand-me-downs, anyone with a real interest in games knew better. The iPhone and iPod touch have changed all that. Over 13 million of us have now bought an iPhone or touch, and it turns out that one of the things we like doing with these device is play games.

And as always, time for some gaming news and we start of with Eurogamerís review of Football Manager 2009 which is due for release this Thursday. The Football Manager series enters yet another season, and this year, expectations are higher than ever. Strength in depth has been added with around 80 new features, hype has been spread in a promising pre-season and a new superstar performer - a 3D match engine - has transformed the look of the series.

If you're a fan of EVE Online then I'm sure you already know about the planned new update for this space-based MMO. However if you haven't heard of it then have read of this preview. US, November 7, 2008 - CCP Games invited us over to Iceland to attend its world famous Fan Fest going on this week, and the company showed off the upcoming Walking in Stations update to EVE Online, the space-based MMO. This will finally let you get out of your spacecraft and let you walk around space stations with an avatar not unlike those in other MMOs.

If you feel the need.......the Need for Speed then you will have to go deep deep deep undercover with this hands-on preview. Recently, though, we've spent some time with the first several hours of Need for Speed Undercover to explore some of the things you can do once you go undercover in the Tri-City Bay with little more than a police badge and some sweet driving skills to your name.

Fans of Sony's Playstation 3 have an exclusive game coming their way in the form of Quantum Theory. For some nice screenshots click here.

Last week it was reported that all 3 major console manufactures, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, have announced that no there are no plans for price cuts this year, however, it seems that Microsoft has had a change of heart and if this report has any substance then as of tomorrow you might be able to pick up a good deal on the Xbox360.

And to conclude this busy morning in the news room, here is an Idiot's Guide to Being a PS3 Fanboy. Xbox360 fans haven't been forgotten either in their own version of Idiot's Guide to Being an Xbox 360 Fanboy.

Have a great day everyone!

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