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Tuesday Morning #2 (7 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 11-November-2008  07:39:33 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

It's Rememberance Day today. Did you observe a minute's silence at 11am? Discussion here.

MGM has announced it will post feature length films to Youtube. CNET News reported on Thursday that YouTube was preparing to launch a feature-film service after spending months smoothing over fractured relationships in Hollywood. MGM will likely not be the last studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube, according to an industry source. Last summer, Lionsgate announced a partnership with YouTube, but that deal calls for the studio to offer only short clips from films and TV shows. MGM will also post TV shows on YouTube, according to multiple reports published on Sunday.

Kim Jong-il's health has been called into question after several recent photos were discovered to have been photoshopped. Digital sleuths are coming closer to uncovering the mystery surrounding North Korea's secretive leader, Kim Jong-il, who has dropped from public view and is widely rumoured to be gravely ill or worse. Pyongyang has released several "recent" photos of Kim, 66, in an effort to prove his good health, but digital analysis by keen-eyed online investigators has fingered them as being either dated or doctored using tools such as Photoshop.

How many responses do spam emails get? Spammers are turning a profit despite only getting one response for every 12.5m e-mails they send, finds a study. By hijacking a working spam network, US researchers have uncovered some of the economics of being a junk mailer.

Here are 30 crazy case mods. Extreme computer "case modding" community has some truly talented designers, who are as passionate about their PC cases, as MI6 wizards were about James Bond killer gadgets. In some cases (pun intended), the end product has truly radical looks and some wicked innards ready to unleash a gamer's fury upon the world... You can also check out the PCDB or the modding forum.

Do you have a noisy hard drive and want some peace and quiet? This guide shows how a hard drive can be effectively silenced using some household items and an aluminium enclosure. I performed this modification a while back on a passively cooled pc. The hard drive used was an IDE drive. Even in an open case, with no other fan noise, this device reduced almost all hard drive noise to complete silence. EDIT: not the best idea if you want the drive to live for a long time

Sun and Google are experiencing a break-up. Which came first — Google dropping StarOffice from its Google Pack or Sun agreeing to distribute Microsoft’s Live-Search-powered MSN toolbar with the Java runtime?We’ll probably never know (at least until Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz blogs about it). But the new deal, announced on November 10, between Sun and Microsoft is ironic, if nothing else, given the twisted history between the two over Java.

nVidia have released the 4gb Quadro FX 5800. The Quadro FX 5800, already seen in NVIDIA's Quadro Plex D data cruncher, replaces the 5600 at the top of the NVIDIA heap with 240 CUDA-programmable parallel cores and the industry's first card with 4GB of graphics memory. MSRP? Just $3,499 for you big spender.

The Phoenix lander on Mars has gone dead. Phoenix, which landed on the planet's northern plains in May, had been struggling in the increasing cold and dark of an advancing winter. The US space agency says it will continue to try to contact the craft but does not expect to hear from it. I wonder if they're tried turning it off and on again?

Shifting our digital world into the third dimension is not always easy. But thanks to this printer and this monitor, the future is one step closer.

Today's timewaster is storm the house 3. The sequel to your favorite game, storm the house 2. Which of courese was the sequel to your second favourite game, storm the house.

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