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Wednesday Midday (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 12-November-2008  12:32:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I know AVG's free antivirus is quite popular among you guys, so be aware that it can kill your system under certain circumstances at the moment. More info here. Update: Shredder spotted this statement from AVG about the problem.

Australia's Communications Minister is copping a flogging from iiNet's managing director, who says they will be part of the mandatory internet filtering trial. "Every time a kid manages to get through this filter, we'll be publicising it and every time it blocks legitimate content, we'll be publicising it." Malone concluded: "This is the worst Communications Minister we've had in the 15 years since the [internet] industry has existed." Senator Ludlam from The Greens has also questioned Minister Conroy, as can be seen in this video.

Unsurprisingly, Rick Astley won the Best Act Ever award at the EMA's recently. This is of course on the back of a huge internet rickroll campaign, but it's nice to see the organisers took it in good humour and didn't remove the (presumably) billions of duplicate votes. :)

Evangel pointed out this site which is tracking class action lawsuits against EA related to their SecuROM copyright protection. Mark Punzalan one of their lawyers stated that they are investigating into 'Spore, Mass Effect, The Sims 2, BioShock, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Armed Assault, Neverwinter Nights 2, Overlord, World in Conflict, Supreme Commander, Command & Conquer 3, and STALKER'.

XbitLabs have a 750GB HDD roundup. This roundup includes solutions from all companies making 750GB hard disk drives these days: Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital. We will discuss features and performance of 10 hard drives with 750GB storage capacity.

GoN have an interview and preview of the James Bond Quantum of Solace game. As part of our trip to the US, we dropped in on Treyarch to see their new baby, the soon-to-be released in Australia James Bond tie-in, Quantum of Solace. We took along our video camera and chatted with two of the co-designer/directors, Jeremy Luytes and Adam Gascoigne, all about the game and what we can expect.

Google Mail now has a video chat function, thanks Matt. Unlike many current video chat products, Gmail Video and Voice uses a proprietary plug-in, not Flash. The small (2MB) download supports Firefox, IE, and Chrome on the PC, and Firefox on the Mac.

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