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Interesting Forum Threads (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 12-November-2008  21:42:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

How do I find these threads? Well, I check out Who's Online, and the Forum Live View... and I just take note of interesting things as I wander around the forums. With around 6000 new posts every day I miss quite a lot, I bet. :)

Pimp my rack in Business & Enterprise Computing.
Why I use Linux in Other Operating Systems.
So a copper tube in my rad had a hole in it in Extreme Cooling.
Little Big Planet - Discussion Thread in Sony Consoles.
New Xbox Experience Coming Nov. 19 in Microsoft Consoles.
Smile Detection in Photography.
Have some consideration for the A people in Mobile Phones.
Russia continues to respond to US Missile Shield in Current Events.
Cheating husbands to pay mistresses in Current Events.
I'm not this kid's dad, so where's my money? in Current Events.
The road to a low pollution future: rail in Current Events.
GM & Ford: Bankruptcy approaching? in Motoring.
Are these the new speed cameras? in Motoring.
FG F6 - My review in Motoring.
GM share value approaching "zero" in Career, Education and Finance.
New World Monetary/Financial Order in Career, Education and Finance.
Brands/Products not made in China in The Pub.
Why dont they put parachutes in commercial airplanes? in The Pub.
This Week's Debate: What is causing Global Warming? in The Pub.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention we recently passed 100,000 members! Depending on how you count it's either Ghost64 or Markwen, but either way, it's cool. :)

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