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Thursday Morning #2 (3 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 13-November-2008  09:04:37 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

YouTube is allowing people to bid on tags for their videos. According to YouTube, here's how it works: First, YouTube users, whether individuals or corporations, decide which videos they want to promote. Then they decide which keywords they want to target. Google, YouTube's parent company, has created automated tools that help users place bids for the keywords in an automated online auction, as well as set spending budgets. When people use keywords in search terms for videos, YouTube will display relevant videos alongside the search results.

China has recognised internet addiction as a medical illness. China is expected to become the first country in the world to officially classify internet addiction as a mental disorder. Chinese government officials would be required to register the term with the World Health Organization, which has seen an increased interest in internet- and game-related addiction.

Google Chrome is now able to work on Linux. "Dude, Gmail works in the test shell on Linux!" said programmer Dan Kegel in a note to the Chromium developers mailing list on Tuesday. It's pretty crude, though: the "enter" key doesn't work, for example. Chromium is the name of the open-source project behind Chrome. But what's a "test shell"?

Obama could be the next Mario. A new online video game has been developed in honour of US President-elect, Barack Obama. Super Obama World has Obama running round a world modelled on Nintendo's Super Mario World. The game takes a satirical look at US politics, with Obama collecting flags and dodging lipstick-wearing pit bulls, lobbyists and Sarah Palin.

There's a new supercomputer in town. How fast is the new supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory? If everyone in the world performed one mathematical calculation per second, it would take 650 years to do what this machine can do in one day. That makes the $US100 million computer, nicknamed "Jaguar" by scientists, the fastest in the world for unclassified scientific research. At more than 1 quadrillion mathematical calculations per second, it is about 55,000 times faster than your typical PC.

USB 3.0 specifications will be released on the 17th, but here's a sneak peak. The USB 3.0 specification guarantees an increased performance of 10 times compared to the capabilities of the current USB 2.0, providing a bandwidth of 600 MB/s second. Devices employing USB 3.0 specifications are planned to be available to consumers in 2009 or 2010 and would be backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

If you're looking for a new way to smuggle items, look no further. Ever need to hide or smuggle gigabytes of notes? No? Well, that is pretty cool anyway. A company that specializes in hollow spy coins ó actual currency machine-hollowed to create a secret compartment inside ó points out that MICRO SD CARDS FIT INSIDE THEIR SPY COINS, including nickles, pennies and quarters. Just donít spend it.

Mexican scientists have found how to make diamonds...from tequila. The tequila diamonds could be used to "detect radiation, coat cutting tools or, above all, as a substitute for silicon in the computer chips of the future," said Miguel Apatiga, one of three researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico who made the discovery. The scientists found that heated vapour from tequila blanco, when deposited on a stainless steel base, can form diamond films. Discussion in our science forum.

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