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Friday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 14-November-2008  09:11:28 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

The World of Warcraft expansion Wrath Of The Litch King was released last night. More than 2,000 people waited outside an Oxford Street store in central London, in advance of a special midnight opening. Similar launch events are being held in North America, Taiwan, and South Korea. The Wrath of the Lich King includes a bonus continent for high-level players, a plethora of new enemies, extra equipment, spells, and new professions. You can discuss it in our games forum.

Despite showing feature length films, YouTube is unlikely to compete with the iTunes store. But while long-form movies are unprecedented for YouTube, MGM has plans to offer only a handful of older titles, such as Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent Seven. Some of the studios are easing their way into YouTube and Hulu, the video portal formed by NBC Universal and News Corp., because of doubts about whether ad-supported business models will ever generate the kind of returns the studios see from pay-TV channels, DVD sales, and iTunes, which charges for movie downloads.

Australian shoppers are being duped when it comes to video cables. HDMI cables are commonly sold as an add-on to flatscreen television sets at all major electronic outlets, where salespeople generally link a higher price tag to superior visual performance. However some technical experts argue that there is very little to distinguish a cable priced at hundreds of dollars from one that costs $20, and urge buyers to be on their guard against slick sales pitches that claim otherwise.

It's no wonder that there are problems when Microsoft takes over seven years to release a patch. In a blog posting, Microsoft acknowledged that "Public tools, including a Metasploit module, are available to perform this attack." Metasploit is an open-source tool kit used by hackers and security professionals to build attack code. According to Metasploit, the flaw goes back to March 2001, when a hacker named Josh Buchbinder (a.k.a. Sir Dystic) published code showing how the attack worked.

However, Microsoft have explained why it's taken so long. "When this issue was first raised back in 2001, we said that we could not make changes to address this issue without negatively impacting network-based applications," wrote Budd. "And, to be clear, the impact would have been to render many (or nearly all) customers' network-based applications then inoperable." Budd explained that, while Microsoft in 2001 advised customers to use SMB signing, it knew then that the mitigation might not be a usable solution for some.

Dell continues to enhance its green credentials by providing LED backlit laptops. Following up on the eco-friendliness after going carbon neutral, one of the greenest tech companies around has announced that beginning in December, it will start offering LED-lit displays on their laptops instead of the mercury based cold cathode fluorescent backlighting. The LED backlighting apart from saving power (estimated to cumulate upto 220 million kilowatt-hours by 2010), will also offer a better lighting and contrast, even when light is falling on the screen. These new screens perform much better in daylight conditions than the traditional screens.

If you think LED lighting is cool, check out these cutting edge designs. From holes in rooftops to flickering torches to glowing light bulbs the world of household lighting has come a long way. Nowadays artists and designers alike are stretching the boundaries of form and function when it comes to how we light our homes.

Today's timewaster is Oiligarchy. Delicious, profitable, stinky oil! Let's get stupid rich, huh? Trash the environment, bribe the politicians and squish the little peoples. Don't feel rich enough? Then Drill, Baby, Drill!

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