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Tuesday Morning News (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 18-November-2008  00:53:12 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

It seems that US President elect Barack Obama might have to give up his BlackBerry. For years, like legions of other on-the-move professionals, Mr Obama has been all but addicted to his BlackBerry - or CrackBerrys as they are sometimes called for exactly that reason..But before he arrives at the White House, he will probably be forced to sign off.

According to this report on TorrentFreak, French record labels have received the green light to sue four US-based companies that develop P2P applications, including the BitTorrent client Vuze, Limewire and Morpheus.

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is facing a lawsuit for hairline cracks in the iPhone 3G casings. The 23-page suit, filed in a New York district court by Nassau County resident Avi Koschitzki, joins a chorus of complaints filed earlier this year, each of which charge the iPhone maker and its exclusive US wireless carrier AT&T with misrepresenting the performance of the new touchscreen handset by advertising it as "twice as fast" as its predecessor.

Meanwhile businesses are warming up to the iPhone. iPhone is making a guerrilla attack on the business world, brought into the corporate world by influential executives, CIOs rethinking their approach to deploying technology, and younger workers who move seamlessly between their personal and business lives.

Intel is looking at extending the life-cycle of its socket 775 based processors to 2011 and is expected to let these CPUs cover the entry-level segment, according to sources at motherboard makers.

Fuad Abazovic from Fudzilla says that Deneb can reach 4GHz on air. We've learned that Deneb, 45nm K10.5 can reach 4GHz on air and that if you use liquid cooling you should see even better scores. This is definitely a good sign, and we know that at least the top Deneb will come with an unlocked multiplier and ready to overclock.

Apparently Asus have launched the fastest Smartphone to date, featuring an 800MHz Marvell PXA 900 series CPU. The handset as a by today's standards fairly average display at 2.8-inches, although Asus has gone for what appears to be a flush fit screen with 640x480 resolution, which makes up for the somewhat smaller size. The P565 has 128MB of RAM and 256MB of ROM, and the storage can be expanded via a microSD card slot.

Fancy taking up a position of chief information officer, which comes with a $170,000 remuneration package plus bonuses? If you do then Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wants to hear from you. The ACCC has created a new chief information officer position in light of rapid growth, and is seeking a candidate to take up the role.

EFTel expands network with Nextep. Internet service provider Eftel has signed an agreement with NEC-owned Nextep Broadband, giving it sole access to certain equipment in telephone exchanges which will increase its new broadband network by around twice its current size.

NASA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with the use of the Gemini North and Keck telescopes on the Mauna Kea mountaintop in Hawaii have captured amazing, never before seen photos of extrasolar planets. British and American researchers snapped the first ever visible-light pictures of three extrasolar planets orbiting the star HR8799. HR8799 is about 1.5 times the size of the sun, located 130 light-years away in the Pegasus constellation.

And now on to some gaming news and we begin with a study conducted by the Swedish Research Council which shows that video games increase heart rate. The effects of violent video games on teens has found that playing violent games affected subject heart rate variability not only during gameplay (no surprise there) but also when they were sleeping that night.

Rumour has it that Sony is secretly working on a PSP version of the Little Big Planet. The rumour, which this time comes from Electronic Gaming Monthly in the US, doesn't offer any true details on the game or how it might work, but it's still a mighty enticing offer.

Gaming Front managed to get their hands on some leaked scans from a gaming mag which are showing off new info on Halo 3 Recon and the upcoming Halo 3 Mythic Map pack.

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