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Wednesday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 19-November-2008  03:49:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Catching up on some news snippets..

A woman who met and married her husband in Second Life found him cheating in Second Life and has now met someone else in World of Warcraft. Using the virtual world's own special currency, she hired an online private detective to investigate his adultery. The mind boggles.

Chinese pirates have taken on the Blu-Ray craze. The pirates are apparently ripping high-def movies (cracking Blu-ray's AACS and BD+ encryption in the process) and re-encoding them using AVCHD, which offers a 720p picture. Because of the reduction in resolution, file sizes are smaller and can be burned to regular DVDs instead of the more costly Blu-ray discs, netting a tidy profit.

Digit-Life looked at single-core performance from Intel and AMD. For this purpose we'll use two LGA775 and Socket AM2+ motherboards -- Biostar TPower I45 (IP45A-A7P) and ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP -- that allow disabling all CPU cores but one in BIOS.

Dramas continue for Qantas, managing to crash planes when not even flying them. The planes were being towed at the carrier’s Australian heavy maintenance base at Avalon Airport when they crashed into each other about 9.30am today (AEDT), the Herald Sun reported.

Check out this amazing datacentre. This underground data center has greenhouses, waterfalls, German submarine engines, simulated daylight and can withstand a hit from a hydrogen bomb. It looks like the secret HQ of a James Bond villain. And it is real. Discussion here.

LegionHW have some Core i7 overclocking. Today we are doing a little Intel Core i7 overclocking with the new ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard. The results were impressive, and achieving them could not have been much easier. Those considering the new Core i7 920 processor will no doubt be very interested in our findings.

Scott sends word of a 64-bit Flash player for Linux from Adobe. Well, YouTube, Homestar Runner, and badgerbadgerbadger all work, so there's 90% of it. Discussion here.

Here's some funny videos.. Windows Matrix and a cool acapella Star Wars theme.

NASA is celebrating the International Space Station's 10th Birthday. Now the largest spacecraft ever built, the orbital assembly of the space station began with the launch from Kazakhstan of its first bus-sized component, Zarya, on Nov. 20, 1998. They've also been restoring lunar images thanks to digital technology.

I suppose today's timewaster better be The World's Hardest Game, which is being discussed here. Failing that, try Australian Album Covers.

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