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Wednesday Morning #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 19-November-2008  09:21:56 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

It seems that Nvidia's plans of blowing Radeon HD4870x2 performance crown out of the water will have to be put on hold until January, 2009. The dual GT200 55nm card is likely to end up faster than the fastest ATI and Nvidia will also bet on its better SLI optimisation, all in order to return the performance crown that it needs back so badly, says Fuad Abazovic of Fudzilla.

Meanwhile Nvidia is keen for the likes of Dell, Asus and Lenovo to start designing a desktop supercomputer based around Nvidia's four Tesla C1060 cards along with a quad core processor and 16 GB of memory. Depending on the application performed, Nvidia claims that a Tesla PC will be about 250 times faster than a regular desktop PC. However, we need to be fair and mention that this number also depends on the system the PC is compared to. For example, a PC equipped with an Nvidia SLI system or two of ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 X2 cards can compete with a Tesla PC in the Teraflops department.

Sometime ago we read that a company by the name of Danamics, out of Nørresundby, Denmark was working on a liquid metal based CPU cooler. Today they have finally released the world's first commercially available Danamics LM10 liquid metal based CPU cooler. The pricey cooling solution uses a electromagnetic pump and liquid metal to provide thermal performance that Danamics tells us "exceeds most watercoolers in a single device".

According to an article on Ars Technica the USB 3.0 specification have been finalized. The new standard isn't expected to start headlining on motherboards until the latter half of 2009 (at the earliest), with compliant devices hopefully appearing sometime in 2010.

Word from Intel is that more efficient Core 2 Quads are on their way to a store near you. For a bit there it was looking like AMD would be the first to introduce a quad core processor to market with a TDP of just 65W. However, just when AMD thought they were onto a good thing with this chip, Intel are said to be striking back with not one, but three upcoming Core 2 Quad processors which also have a TDP of 65W.

Today Dell has unveiled their new line of XPS systems based on the Core i7 platform. Adding to its successful XPS line of gaming desktops, Dell introduces its new XPS 730x gaming system to the line-up. The new ‘x’ denotes the cross over from Core 2 to Intel’s new Core i7 platform along with Intel’s new X58 chipset.

Silicon Graphics Inc. have showed off their Molecule concept computer based on Intel's Atom microprocessor. If someday brought to market, a single-rack system based on the Silicon Graphics Molecule concept computer would offer the computing power and memory bandwidth of more than 750 high-end PCs, SGI said, yet it would consume less than half the power and less than 1.4 percent of the physical space.

On Monday, Mushkin Inc. have released 16 triple-channel memory kits designed specifically for the new Intel Core i7 platform. The flagship offering of the new memory kits is the XP3-12800 7-8-7, allowing end users to extract higher performance at 1600MT/s than competitors’ products while staying within safe operating voltages.

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