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Tuesday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 25-November-2008  00:06:19 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Australian legal experts have warned that internet users could face "substantial hardship" should iiNet lose the landmark legal battle against Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises and the Seven Network, who are suing iiNet for not taking action against their customers who, according to the above named companies, engage in film and TV piracy. "To shift the burden of proof and require that ISPs terminate access to users upon mere allegations of infringement would be incredibly harmful to individual internet users in Australia," the online users lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia said. "Every citizen has a right of due process under the law and, when faced with having their internet service terminated, every citizen has the right to ask that the case against them be proven first."

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has rejected broadband criticism. Asked if the government would fulfil its pledge to have the network built within five years, Senator Conroy said: "We said it was a five-year build, we said it would reach 98 per cent of Australians, and that is of course absolutely clearly stated in the request for proposals."

The US Army is set to invest $50 million USD in videogames by 2010 as it launched new game training centres in the US. Using the new dedicated technology, which will not be made available publicly, participating soldiers will be able to drive vehicles, fire virtual weapons and command unmanned vehicles in a massive virtual battlefield, promised Project Director Leslie Duvow.

Microsoft Corp. has asked a federal judge to end the class-action lawsuit against them. Microsoft Corp. asked a federal judge yesterday to end the class-action lawsuit that has been the source of a treasure trove of embarrassing insider e-mails that have showed the company bent to pressure from Intel Corp. and infuriated long time partner Hewlett-Packard Co.

Apple has recently filed a patent into the United States Patent and Trademark Office and credited to Apple engineer Michael Rosenblatt describes a method whereby a second backlight (likely a low-power LED) would be able to pass through the primary backlight, and offer visibility for simple icons on the screen at all times.

It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of different cooling technologies that companies keep designing and the EVO Cyclone Ram cooler is no exception. The EVO Cyclone features an adjustable mounting system to suit pretty much any height of memory module, a 50mm fan in the middle, heat sink fins on either side of the fan and air ducts underneath. The idea is that cold air is pushed over the memory by the fan, and the hot air is then dispersed through the sides of the heatsink.

And speaking of Ram, Hynix has unveiled the fastest GDDR5 memory on the market, with data speeds of up to 7Gbps. How much of an impact this will have for AMD, as so far Nvidia has yet to launch a GDDR5 based graphics card, is hard to say, but the extra bandwidth should allow for faster cards based on the current architecture.

And while everyone is in the mood for unveiling new hardware, A-Data has jumped on this bandwagon and introduced their new XPG series of solid state drives. Equipped with a tough but lightweight case, high reliability, low power consumption and incredible shock resistance, A-DATA XPG SSDs delivering exceptional read/write speeds of up to 170MB / 100MB per second to guarantee fast transfer rates.

It seems that there is no hiding from the RRoD that has plagued the Microsoft Xbox360 gaming console, with the latest reports suggesting that some users have experienced the RRoD "either before or after the NXE update was applied to their system". We have had several sources telling us that they have experienced a red ring of death error condition on their Xbox 360 either after or during the New Xbox Experience update that Microsoft is pushing out.

And to finish this news post, here's another 2008 holiday buyers guide from ArsTechnica. Christmas catalogs were always great fun back when the Ars staffers were young, carefree, and didn't commute to an orbiting space station for work. We spent hours pouring over the pictures of LEGO sets, plastic light sabers, and Easy-Bake ovens. And then—the waiting!

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