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Wednesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 26-November-2008  18:09:55 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

An Australian man has built a technology museum in his house. Max Burnet worked with computers for his whole life, and he hasn't strayed far in retirement: he's collected a massive amount of vintage computer hardware in his house, creating the what is claimed to be the largest collection of its kind in Australia, and one of the most extensive in the world. He's got everything from a 20s era electro-mechanical tote board to punch card mainframes to the Apple Lisa in his huge stockpile.

LG and Fujitsu have entered the netbook market. Taking a different approach this time was Fujitsu's launch of two new LifeBook A series notebooks together with their first foray into the netbook market with the Fujitsu M1010. Going for style and glitz was LG's launch held at Chjimes Hall last Friday and it was obvious LG spared no effort to dazzle the audience with magic tricks and pretty models. Normally, when you go all out in style like this, you would expect a slew of products, but we found ourselves just faced with one - the LG X110 Netbook.

Digital Trends have the top 10 black Friday deals for Americans. It takes some pretty spectacular deals to pry Americans out of their recliners late every Turkey Day and send them out into blistering cold parking lots to camp for hours, but retailers have it figured it out with Black Friday. And if you’re looking to score a big-screen TV for half of what it normally runs for, get a printer bundled with your camera for free, or pick up an MP3 player for the cost of a cup of coffee, you’ll be out there too. With the economy forcing consumers to pinch their pennies even more this year, and retailers trying even harder to open those cautiously held wallets, the deals are ripe for the picking.

Tweaktown have 10 ways to improve the Blu-ray format. As I write this, the Blu-ray market is starting to get some serious traction. Some really top tier releases are now coming out, which shows increased enthusiasm on the part of the studios. In addition, hardware makers have finally leapt over the Blu-ray specification grace period and we are seeing some extremely powerful software and very good prices. Blu-ray upgrades, including picture-in-picture enabled ‘profile 2’ have become standard, as has BD Live, Ethernet cable enabled players and finally bitstream and decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio.

OCZ have released a new line of power supplies. OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra high performance and high reliability memory and components, today revealed the first power supply models under the Fatal1ty series, offering gamers stable and efficient power for their mainstream or high-end rigs. OCZ is dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, and the Fatal1ty series options are the first step to creating an exceptional gaming system for the unique power and cabling requirements of today’s gamer.

Are you looking for a laptop this Christmas season? As I'm sure you've noticed from the Christmas lights going up and the endless repetition of "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Santa Baby," the holiday season is upon us. While America faces a nasty economic downturn that is spiraling out into layoffs all over the country, we must now more than ever remember the true meaning of Christmas: to put ourselves blindly into debt buying gifts for others and ourselves. This guide is for the selfish jerks like myself who might seize the opportunity to upgrade their own laptops at holiday prices.

In our gift guide series, here is TrustedReview's product roundup. Once again it's time to roundup the best products of the year, and this year it was even tougher to decide on the winners. It seems that with every year that passes, the general quality of technology products seems to improve, making it all the more difficult for us to decide what wins top honours in our annual awards. This year we've expanded the categories making it even easier for each and every buyer to decide what product best suits them, no matter what their needs or budget. Whether you're looking for a new TV, a digital camera or a notebook, we've rounded up the best of the best to make your buying decision as easy as possible.

Today's timewaster is from slipkord and is a flash version of Doom. The first episode of the legendary first person shooter -- now playable in your browser! THIS GAME REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 10. If the game doesn't display, update your Flash Player

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