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Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 28-November-2008  08:17:36 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Intel is planning to axe the Q6600 next year. For a long while, Intel's Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor remained a popular choice in the DIY community. The 2.4GHz chip, helped in part by an aggressive round of price-cuts, brought quad-core computing to the mainstream. It became even more popular when Intel released the G0 stepping, which ushered in lower temps and higher overclocking potential.

Cnet is taking a look inside the grandfather of the smartphone - the Apple Newton. The Newton was the first successful PDA. Introduced in 1993, it paved the way for such things as the Palm PDA, Pocket PC, and even devices like the iPhone. Ridiculed for poor performance, it didn't last long in the marketplace, but its influence lingers on today. We got a hold of one and discovered what's inside. Our unit is an Apple Newton H1000, also known as an OMP (Original Message Pad). This was the first Newton on the market. It debuted in 1993.

Hardware secrets have an article on all you need to know about digital camera sensors. The sensor is the part of the digital camera that captures light to create an image. It is analogous to the film in non-digital cameras. Similar to the coating of light-sensitive material on photographic film, the sensor of a digital camera has light-sensitive cells. In this tutorial we will teach you everything you need to know about this important component.

Continuing on the gift guide series, Anandtech have a digital camera guide. 2007 turned out to be the year of the Digital SLR, just as many predicted. Industry shipments confirm the huge growth in Digital SLR sales in 2007, and that growth continued through most of 2008. Many believed the slowing economy would have no impact at all on the growth of DSLR sales; however, the last couple of months have seen lower growth than expected. That news means there will be many bargains in current Digital Camera models over this holiday season. Year-end is always a time of bargains, but they are usually last year's models. This year you will likely see sale prices on the latest and greatest. That's good news if you're in the market for a new digital camera this year.

DailyTech also have a gift guide. The holiday season is here and it's time to start picking the wish list of gadgets and gizmos that we hope to get over the holiday season. I'm sure you have lots of cool gadgets on your wish list, as do I. This year we are running down some of the top products that DailyTech staffers hope to find under the Christmas tree (or that candle thingy if you are Jewish).

To round out the trilogy, here's I4U's jumbo sized gift guide. On August 19th we set out to start our Top 100 Holiday Gift Guide with one Tech Gift Idea per day. Now 100 days later we have arrived and the Top 100 Gift Guide is completed in time for the biggest sales of the year. Find out what the hottest gifts for this Holiday shopping season are across 10 categories. Find out for instance which smartphone is ideal for whom and why or what we think the best HDTVs and robots are. Of course we also feature video games, cameras and portable gadgets in our huge gift guide. It is all here in our biggest Holiday Gift guide we ever featured.

If you thought demolition derby was silly, check it out filmed with tilt-shift photography. A demolition derby—full of monster trucks, scrap cars, and even a giant Godzilla—filmed with tilt-shift photography, then put together in a time-lapse video. The final effect is extraordinary. If you wonder how something so gigantic and destructive could look so tiny and harmless, the answer is a combination of techniques. One is the use of time-lapse, which makes you lose frames and gives motion a jerking quality that helps fooling the brain into thinking that you are watching miniatures. Another one is the angle, which makes you think that you are seeing something from above, like you would see a model on a table. Increasing the contrast, to obtain harder shadows, also helps in the deception.

Today's massive screw up comes from a Japanese Zoo. A northern Japanese zoo's polar bear breeding plan was somewhat delayed when staff noticed the male brought in to make the beast with two backs with their resident female was himself herself a girl. According to Reuters, four-year-old Tsuyoshi had been "living in harmony" with the unnamed female at Kushiro Municipal Zoo since the two were introduced back in June. Zookeeper Masako Inoue explained: "We thought he was a male, so we never had any doubts as we took care of him.

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