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Saturday Afternoon (9 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 29-November-2008  17:42:33 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Linux is now available on the iPhone. A member of the DevTeam, planetbeing, has successfully managed to port Linux over to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Right now iPhone Linux is still in development stages and is missing a lot of features like wireless, touchscreen, sound, accelerometer, and baseband support, so it's not ready for novice users yet.

Steam is set to debut on Linux. In Valve's most recent title, Left 4 Dead, there are shared Linux libraries shipping alongside this Windows game client. We were tipped off this morning by an attentive Phoronix reader that in the demo copy of Left 4 Dead there were several Linux library files worth investigating. In particular, one of these files was even named steamclient_linux.so. This is in the Windows demo client -- we're not referring to the Linux dedicated server-only version.

With Movember nearly over, here's a wrap-up of the greatest video game moustaches. With Movember coming to an end, it is time to pull out those razors and come back to the real world. But before that we have the Mo-riffic Awards to hand out to some of the best mustaches in video games. This competition is closer than a barber's shave. With some great characters sporting some great 'tashes - who will get the hairy award? Have to come on in to find out!

Here is an interesting website dedicated to building a quiet PC. We all know the feeling - you just put together, or purchased an awesome PC from the store. It's equipped with the latest and fastest video card, CPU, and hard drive. The sound card rocks, the speakers are LOUD, and it's got a ton of RAM. Sitting there, enjoying your sweet new PC, you can't help but notice how incredibly LOUD this PC is.

TK Arena have an overview of the humble RAM module. If youíve been around computers for a while, you have probably had someone ask what the memory in the computer does Ė exactly. Maybe you artfully spoke of the RAMís ability to access memory randomly, hence its name, Random Access Memory. Maybe you twisted in your chair and regaled the heroics of RAM inside the computerís framework, describing in detail how it receives orders from the CPU, finds data based on rows and columns, and returns that information much faster than many other types of memory. Maybe you spoke of RAMís volatile nature Ė in other words, how it doesnít store anything with the power off. Maybe you spoke of pushing the computerís power button to start the computerís RAM from a clean slate.

Apparently most anti-viruses are unable to deal with botnets. According to FireEye chief scientist Stuart Staniford, detection rates are so poor that, on average, only around 40 percent of security software can detect binaries during the period of greatest infectivity and danger, namely the first few days after a particular variant starts being used by botnet builders. Roughly half of the binaries picked up by FireEye were unknown to VirusTotal, a result indicative of the core problem of detecting botnet malware -- speed.

With December almost upon us, its time to look at another gift guide. It's Christmas soon, so we need to make a list and send it to Lapland. Santa needs to know what we want if we're to have any hope of being happy on Christmas morning. I know what I want, as does the rest of the team, so here's hoping. Oh and, be sure to let us know what's top of your Christmas list in the comments too!

All good things must come in pairs. By day, Iím a student, programmer, and DailyTech writer. By night, Iím a gamer and budding drum-and-bass musician/DJ/turntablist. Yours truly is a discerning consumer. I donít buy Ė nor want Ė a lot in the way of electronics, but the things I do want had better give me the flexibility that my ADD personality craves.

Today's timewaster is Retardo and the Iron Golem. Retardo has been sent on a mission by the King of Moronia to destroy the Iron Golem and in return receive the hand of the Princess of Moronia. Help Retardo defeat the Iron Golem in this point and click adventure!

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