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Sunday Afternoon (10 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 30-November-2008  15:29:00 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Secondary students are one step closer to their new laptops. Every senior NSW public school student will get to keep a mini laptop after a new funding deal was thrashed out at yesterday's Commonwealth-state funding talks in Canberra. Some will receive their custom-built computers, powered by a wireless broadband network, by the end of term two next year, with the State Government planning to seek expressions of interest from manufacturers as early as Wednesday.

Criticism has popped up regarding the new widescreen Youtube player. Yet every time something moves forward, there seems to be an outcry. That's what's happened with YouTube. The site has introduced widescreen, high-definition (HD) video playback. [S]ome YouTube users have reacted angrily to the change and have been complaining on the site's blog page.

Anyone in the USA with an AGP graphics card made by BFG will be pleased by this news. "Now, for a limited time, if you send us your BFG AGP card in good, working condition, we'll send you the PCI Express equivalent at no cost to you," BFG wrote on its AGP-to-PCI-E promotional page. "If you want to upgrade to an even better performing card, there is a nominal fee to do so. Offer good for U.S. customers only."

Google Chrome is rapidly increasing its market share. So I persuaded CNET's tech guys to give a window on what's going on here at CNET News. The result surprised me: 3.6 percent of those visiting the site in October used Chrome, up from 1 percent in September, when Google launched Chrome.

Microsoft is in the top 5 worst spam providers. According to Spamhaus, spammers are "abusing Microsoft's live.com and livefilestore.com properties to redirect visitors to sites that peddle fake pharmacy products, porn and Nigerian 419 scams." Richard Cox, the watchdog firm's Chief Information Officer, says spammers use Windows Live services because "they know anti-spam groups are unlikely to block Microsoft properties outright."

65nm Xboxs, codenamed Jasper, are starting to appear in the wild. As we originally predicted back in early October, the first Jaspers were identified by being labeled 12.1A on the 12V rail. Somewhat surprisingly, the first ones discovered also came with a 150W PSU. We of course knew this would happen eventually, but many believed that early Jaspers would use left over 175W PSUs. It's still possible there are some Jaspers floating around labeled as 14.2A and including a 175W PSU that were simply never recognized for what they were.

Bit-tech.net have a hands on preview of Empire: Total War. If somehow you’ve not yet heard of the Total War games, you couldn’t be coming in at a better time. The time in question is the 18th Century, which sees the Industrial Revolution, George Washington’s American War of Independence and the French Revolution; it’s the time of Napoleon’s European conquest and the rise of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington. We’re talking about tall ships laden with cannon fighting for naval supremacy, fields fogged with the smoke of thousands of muskets, and the fanatical endeavour to forge a global empire.

What would happen to wireless communications during an apocalypse? Characters in the recent BBC remake of Survivors seem curiously ill-informed about how the UK's communications infrastructure would deal with the collapse of civilisation, so in an attempt to ensure Reg readers are better-equipped we present a wireless guide to the apocalypse

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