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Wednesday Night (14 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-December-2008  21:31:23 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From Dan: Thought you might want to get behind this cause: Desert Bus for Hope. This Youtube video gives a good idea of what it is like. More info: Every year, (well, every year since last year,) we put on this gaming marathon for Child's Play, that requires us to play the world's most boring video game "Desert Bus" for as long as you, the viewers, keep donating to buy hours. Each hour costs a little bit more than the last, though. Last year's drive went 108 hours long, and raised $22,805.

Tech-Report explored memory speed on i7. The Core i7's triple-channel DDR3 memory controller offers mind-boggling peak theoretical bandwidth, but does the CPU need fancy DIMMs to excel? Join us as we explore the performance impact of memory bus speed, latencies, and even the number of channels on a couple of Core i7 processors.

NVIDIA has released a "power pack" for GeForce owners, about 1GB of software showing off PhysX and CUDA etc. Details here, discussion here.

From David: I thought TrueCrypt might be useful as some people in the forums are having problems with the microsft version of 'secure my files' if they have lost the encryption key.

PayPal Australia are copping some flack for using modified currency images in their advertising. PayPal super-imposed police and military helmets on each of the individuals pictured on the notes to imply enhanced safety and fraud protection for its users.

Rockstar Games reckon the PC version of GTA4 sold in Australia will be unmodified, even though the console versions had to be modified for classification here. GamesOnNet have more info from the Classifications Board about this.

Tweaktown have been overclocking an i7 920 CPU. Being the optimist I am, I thought I would go straight to 4.2GHz (hey, itís worth a try) and while it got into Windows without too much drama, firing up prime found us quickly greeted with a BSOD. Dropping to 4GHz increased stability, but since the system must be 100% stable, a further drop to 3.8GHz was the perfect point.

LegionHW compared GeForce GTX 260 (216SP) and Radeon HD4870 video cards. The GeForce GTX 260 (216SP) is now matching the price of the Radeon HD 4870 (1GB), and we have even found examples online that are much cheaper, so price is no longer a concern. There is also no longer any concern with the performance of the GeForce GTX 260 (216SP), particularly when focusing on the more recently released titles.

iXbit meanwhile compared flash drives. Today we are going to review seven interesting USB drives from different manufacturers. The products differ in capacity, performance and functionality. Some of them are well-known, some are less known, and one drive is a newcomer.

GoN also have a video report from eGames 2008 in Melbourne. The event's now in its third year, and this time, we took the video camera and have prepared for you the Games On Net Video Report - showing you everything that you missed out on!

knowsfords pointed out this cool timewaster, where you use the arrows to make the stream fill the box things.. you'll work it out.

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