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Thursday Midday (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 11-December-2008  12:43:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

If you've been enjoying 2008 so far, you'll be happy to know it's going to be one second longer than last year, thanks Callan. A single leap second will be added at the end of the year to accommodate a subtle slow-down in the Earth's rotation.

I meant to link this a while ago but it got lost.. anyway, a home in Sydney has been turned into one of the largest private computer museums in the world. His collection is vast, from a 1920s Julius Totalisator, the first UNIX PDP-7, a classic DEC PDP-8, the original IBM PC, Apple’s Lisa, MITS Altair 8800, numerous punch cards and over 6000 computer reference books. And more. He happily opened his doors for CIO to take a look.

The UK's Internet Watch Foundation has lifted the ban on Wikipedia. The IWF also acknowledged has its initial ban had the reverse effect that it wished — and spread the image further around the net instead of removing it. Wow, censorship doesn't work on the internet, who woulda thunk it.

I'm having deja-vu about this, but Sun are apparently prepping flash-based servers for next year, thanks Iroquois. This would build upon Sun's earlier embrace of flash in its ZFS storage platform. Sun officials have argued that Flash pushes down the total operational cost of storage, particularly when it comes to data or performance intensive applications.

A stolen laptop has been emailing photos of people using it. The suspects were clearly unaware that the high school uses anti-theft software on their computers, which tracks the stolen computers and takes pictures of its users. Authorities have released pictures of a person who has been using the stolen computer.

Frostytech compared 141 LGA775 heatsinks in their continuing roundup. Intel heatsinks are ranked according to their performance on a 150W heat load, ranging from -50°C to 50°C over ambient! The warmer heatsinks in the chart account for many of the low-noise coolers, sound level data can be found in each of the full 132 detailed reviews.

Phoronix checked out HDMI audio/video on Linux. The last time we looked in-depth at HDMI support on Linux was last December when talking about HDMI with the ATI Catalyst Linux driver. Since then there has been improvements in a number of drivers for different hardware. In this article we have a brief overview on the status of HDMI support in the Intel, NVIDIA, and ATI Linux drivers.

IGN have some insane DIY game mods listed. Gaming is absolutely an obsession for many of us, but this feature is all about saluting those people - the guys and gals who take it to the next level. The freaks (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) with the talent, creativity and - importantly - time, to create truly mind-blowing gaming projects that become part of gamer culture.

Techspot have an Intel Core i7 Memory Performance Guide. Today we are going to look at how various memory frequencies, timings, and configurations influence the memory bandwidth and the real-world performance of Core i7 processors. This is particularly important to not only help you get the most out of your Core i7 CPU, but to potentially save you a lot of money.

From Jessica: All over the world, fans of internet cult sensation Pure Pwnage are in mourning following the announcement that Troy Dixon, who played Halo champion 'T-Bag' died over the weekend in a car accident. He was 27. Info here and here.

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