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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 12-December-2008  20:29:57 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Google is adding magazines to its online book database. The internet search giant, in a posting on the company blog, said it had begun digitising millions of pages from New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Men's Health, Ebony and other publications. It said the magazines are being scanned in full-colour and made available through Google Book Search, the vast online library created by the company.

Microsoft is joining the fight against AIDS with Windows Vista. Starting later this month, customers will be able to purchase Windows Vista Ultimate in a version that offers some proceeds to Product Red, a charity that works to fight AIDS in Africa. The Windows version is not entirely new, having been sold on several models of Dell PCs since early this year. In addition to providing some cash to the AIDS charity, the Red version of Vista also includes some specially themed wallpaper and sidebar gadgets.

Adobe has developed a new online TARDIS. Adobe's come up with a new tool that could ultimately change the way you look at web browsing. As it stands now, glimpsing back in time means honing your Google-fu, with no real efficient way of looking at a particular page or subject by date. Adobe's Zoetrope tool changes all that. With Zoetrope, a user can look back hours, days, or months by pulling on a scrollbar at the bottom of any given webpage.

A Russian businessman has trademarked an emoticon. Oleg Teterin, president of the mobile ad company Superfone, said Thursday he doesn't plan on tracking down individual users following the decision by the federal patent agency. "Legal use will be possible after buying an annual license from us," he was quoted by Kommersant as saying. "It won't cost that much ó tens of thousands of dollars."

SMS abbreviations take twice as long to read as normal writing. Research by an Australian psychology lecturer found that common abbreviations used in mobile phone text messages could sometimes not be understood and were often misinterpreted. Results from the 55 students tested by Nenagh Kemp of the University of Tasmania showed that text-speak saved time for the writer, but the recipient took nearly twice as long - 26 seconds - to read the message out loud. It took 14 seconds to read messages sent in conventional English.

Google has revealed what we have been searching for. The most searched term for Google users in the UK was Facebook while the BBC came second and its iPlayer service was the fastest rising query. The list also reveals what global preoccupations are and this year the US election candidates and the Beijing Olympics figure high. The things people around the globe have in common are a strong interest in socialising and politics, according to Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search at Google.

TweakGuides have examined PC game piracy. If there's a single topic that's guaranteed to cause heated debate among PC gamers today, it's piracy and the impact it's having on the PC gaming industry. Almost every gamer you speak to has a strong opinion on this topic, ranging from full support for piracy to total condemnation of it.

Finally, don't forget the anti-censorship protests tomorrow. If this is your first rally, never fear; itís a good place to start. The most important thing is your comfort, if youíre worn out, overheated and dehydrated you canít really get a message home to the public about what youíre protesting for. Itís a good idea to dress to the weather, bring water, comfortable shoes, eat before attending and bring a sign! A cheap piece of board plus a stencil kit can yield a pretty nifty message delivery system. Thread here

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