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Saturday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 13-December-2008  09:08:15 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

A study has shown that RTS gaming is good for seniors. Senior gamers who underwent a training session were found to be "significantly better -- and faster -- at switching between tasks as compared to the comparison group" with no training. Working memory, short-term memory of visual cues, reasoning abilities, and the ability to identify rotated objects was also improved after playing Rise of Nations.

There is a new Mac clone out in the market. A company named EFi-X USA plans to offer a desktop PC that could allow customers to create their own Mac systems with the help of an internal adapter that allows many generic PCs to run Mac OS X. The EFi-X USA Millennium 4, as the machine is called, is expected to appeal to gamers and power users thanks to a Core 2 Quad processor overclocked to at least 3.8GHz, 4GB of RAM, a GeForce 8800 GTS video card and both a 150GB, 10,000RPM boot drive and a 1TB, 7,200RPM secondary drive that holds the bulk of the computer’s storage

Google Chrome is coming out of beta. Yesterday at the Le Web 08 conference in Paris, Google VP Marissa Mayer told TechCrunch's Mike Arrington that the move would be happening, but she did not say when. Google representatives have confirmed the Thursday change of status for Chrome. The first people to get the non-beta version will be new users who download the browser directly from Google. Also Thursday, a small proportion of existing Chrome users will automatically get the update. On Friday, all the remaining Chrome users will get the download.

Firefox is apparently a security risk for businesses. Firefox has its plate full when it comes to security. It has grown a substantial enough market share to place it in a strong second after Microsoft. This gives it a high profile and leaves it a desirable target to be exploited by hackers and malware writers. Worse yet, it has less money to fund security efforts that Microsoft, and according to some experts, less focus as well.

What were the most pirated movies of 2008? As 2008 moves toward its end, we have been taking a a look at the most pirated titles in various categories. Following our Top 10 games post where ‘Spore’ headlined, we now take a look at movies. Unsurprisingly, The Dark Knight comes out on top, with the rest of the chart featuring a few surprising entries, and some unexpected absentees.

Google is modifying its search algorithm. Google this week admitted that its staff will pick and choose what appears in its search results. It's a historic statement - and nobody has yet grasped its significance. A few years ago, Google's apparently unimpeachable objectivity got some people excited, and technology utopians began to herald Google as the conduit for a new form of democracy. That Google was impartial was one of the articles of faith. For if Google was applying subjective human judgment directly on the process, it would be akin to the voting machines being rigged.

Should you build computers for family members? We've all been there at one time or another: fixing a family member's computer. It's not a situation I particularly mind, since my family has done countless favors for me over the years. Taking an hour or so every once in a while to sort out their computer issues is the least I can do. When it comes to recommending a new computer, however, I've found myself wondering not only about the price/performance ratio of the machine, but also about what choices could be made to prevent possible issues down the line.

Science is one step closer to displaying thoughts. Researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories succeeded in processing and displaying images directly from the human brain, they said in a study unveiled ahead of publication in the US magazine Neuron. While the team for now has managed to reproduce only simple images from the brain, they said the technology could eventually be used to figure out dreams and other secrets inside people's minds.

Today's timewaster is Hands Of War RPG. Choose your allies and slay your enemies on your quest to find the broken pieces of the Heartstone in this Classic Flash RPG

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