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Monday Evening (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 15-December-2008  19:32:22 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Only 10 sleeps to go until Christmas!

Telstra has been told to get on its bike over its NBN bid. Telstra has been excluded from the national broadband network tender process after being informed its bid fails to meet some of the project's stated requirements. The telco says it was excluded because its proposal did not include a plan on how to involve small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the building of the network. The move to exclude Telstra leaves just five bidders for the multi-billion dollar project.

Meanwhile, even Telstra is refusing to participate in the internet filter trails. Australian newspaper The Age reports that both Telstra and Internode have declared they will not participate in the trials. iiNet said it wanted to take part to show that the filters do not work and Optus would only work with a scaled back plan. The plan to set up mandatory filters followed research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority which found that existing filters did a poor job of blocking illegal content.

Microsoft has released their first iPhone application. Engineers in the company's Live Labs have released the company's first application for Apple's popular smartphone--even before making it available on Microsoft's own mobile platform. Seadragon Mobile, which was added to Apple's App Store on Saturday, is a free image-browsing app that allows users to quickly "deep zoom" images while online and is intended to demonstrate what is possible with a mobile platform.

OCZ is launching an eSATA capable flash drive. eSATA ports are starting to become more mainstream in mid to low end motherboards, and OCZ thinks the time is right to start adding on non hard drive based peripherals. Its new lineup of memory sticks will do just that and come in 8, 16, and 32GB capacities. The new drives will both communicate and receive their power from the eSATA port. To ensure backwards compatibility they have also included a rear mounted mini USB connection which will allow users to plug the device into laptops or other USB only machines.

The Government is set to help out the poor and elderly with digital TV. Come December 31st, 2013, people like you and me can expect quite a few tech support calls from family and friends. Because that's when the last analog TV transmission will be switched off, moving us into a glorious age of digital-only TV entertainment. But what about all the people out there who don't know a tech-savvy young person to make their TV work? How will they cope with plugging in a digital set-top box to their old analog CRT TV? Apparently, only 42 per cent of households have a digital-ready TV in the house.

ZDnet have pictures showing the damage to the LHC. On Friday, the European Center for Nuclear Research (Cern) released photos of damage to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), Cern's flagship particle accelerator. The particle accelerator was damaged by a liquid helium leak in September, nine days into an experiment to test fundamental theories of physics by colliding beams of protons inside a 27km ring.

What was around before Pong? The holiday spirit is still strong with This Old Box or rather, the nog we're drinking this evening has some pretty strong spirits in it. Just semantics really. But as the shopping days until C-day dwindle, there's computer games on many-a-reader's mind. And with Atari's latest resurrection in swing, we can't help but dedicate this edition to a little gaming history. Without further ado, we dive into the first video game system ever to get a job

Today's timewaster is Light People On Fire. Go between a twig and a flaming person. The goal is to light as many people on fire as possible.

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