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Tuesday Evening (7 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-December-2008  20:35:25 (GMT +10) - by matthudson

Only 9 sleeps until Christmas! Have you got your tree up yet?

Do you know why Telstra was told to GTFO of the NBN? There were only a handful of non-negotiable legal requirements in the Rudd Government's request for tenders to build the nation's new broadband fibre network. The first was that the proposal be written in English. The second was that measurements used in the proposal conform with Australian standards - be metric, in essence. The third was that the proposal be signed by the proposer. A fourth was that any offer to build the network in more than one state should be an offer to build the network nationally.

A stolen Xbox has been found using its wireless controller. Gamers put lots of time into their favorite games gaining new abilities, levels, and other benefits as the game goes along. A couple of the worst things that could happen to a gamer is to have his game console stolen or lose the game data stored on the console. The Standard Online reports that a student named Ryan Ketsenburg from Missouri State was able to recover his stolen Xbox 360 console using a bit of technological knowhow.

HardwareZone have highlights from SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. SIGGRAPH stands for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques and this computer graphics conference attracts creative professionals from production houses such as graphics artists, animators, illustrators and even students. Previously only held in USA, the Asian extension of SIGGRAPH is a boon to the growing development in this region and to showcase and interact with matters closer to home.

What will Will Wright write next? So Spore didn’t change the way we looked at games forever, but that doesn’t mean the next link in Will Wright’s evolutionary chain will pop out of the primordial ooze half-baked. Especially not if Wright’s right, and his next project spends the next three years getting dolled-up for its big day.

2009 will be a good year for Apple. The number of businesses planning to add Apple Inc.'s Macintosh desktops and laptops to their corporate mix has doubled since earlier this year -- part of what an analyst calls the "consumerization" of IT. In a just-published survey, 68% of some 700 companies polled said they will allow their end users to deploy Macs as their work systems in the next 12 months. That's exactly double the percentage of businesses that answered the same question eight months ago, said Laura DiDio, an analyst at Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC).

Does your current keyboard disappoint you? This over-the-top keyboard from Japan gets its tough-ass looks from its form-fitting black leather hide. Each key of the ritsy Gokukawa keyboard (¥49,800 / $548 USD) is meticulously hand-wrapped in rich black leather. The result is a completely monochromatic glossy black-on black design. The base model features is covered smoothly, making it impossible to see the letters on any of the keys, but if you’re investing in a $500+ keyboard, you probably know your QWERTY’s by now.

Lets go back...way back. This internet archive of overclockers.com.au was sent in by Matthew Wilmont, and covers the OCAU homepage since February 2000. Thanks Matt!

Finally, here's a group of scientists explaining complex ideas...with interpretive dance. At this year’s AAAS meetings, scientists will be given the opportunity to express their research through interpretive dance. The idea is to "shatter a few stereotypes about stuffy, lab-bound researchers." If past years’ scientist/media parties have taught me anything, it’s that these scientists are as uninhibited as they are uncoordinated on the dance floor. If ever there was a reason for us to take a video camera to AAAS, this would be it.

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