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Friday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 19-December-2008  00:03:01 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Every man and his dog knows about the X360's famous “Red Ring of Death” error which has crippled many units since its debut in 2005. Another common fault that has plagued the system over the years is the disc scratching issue and it now appears that Microsoft apparently was aware of this problem before the systems actually went for sale in November 2005. A Microsoft program manager was quoted in the declaration saying, "This is ... information that we as a team, optical disc drive team, knew about. When we first discovered the problem in September or October (2005), when we got a first report of disc movement, we knew this is what’s causing the problem."

Apparently a Chinese tech website has conducted preliminary benchmarks of the upcoming GeForce GTX 295 graphics card and techPowerUp managed to grab some screen shots of the results. A Chinese technology portal, IT168 has conducted a preliminary performance evaluation of the upcoming GeForce GTX 295 graphics card. The card will be a flagship offering by NVIDIA. It will feature two G200b graphics processors. Also provided are the first pictures of the finished product, along with a burst-shot of the card and its cooling assembly. Across several game tests, the evaluation showed the GTX 295 to outperform the HD 4870 X2 by up to 80%, while providing superior power characteristics.

Matthew Strahan, a "white hat hacker" says that Australia's upcoming net filtering plan poses serious security risks. The main worry expressed by Strahan is that hackers could take over the filter box to carry out Man in the Middle attacks whereby they could intercept private information and emails without anyone being any the wiser. Another serious concern is denial of service (DOS) attacks, which could allow a talented hacker to bring down the entire ISP by bombarding the filter with hundreds of thousands of HTTP packets in a very short space of time, overwhelming it and stopping it from letting any legitimate requests through.

iiNet has linked up with 3 mobile to provide mobile broadband from the carrier to customers. "This strategic relationship complements our existing suite of products, while also paving the way for collaboration on a broader range of future service offerings," iiNet managing director Michael Malone said.

Semiconductor industry is expecting a 16% drop in sales in 2009 following the economic slowdown that we are currently experiencing. Gartner Inc. released a statement today that shows global semiconductor sales will decline by 16% in 2009 thanks to the economic slowdown, which has led to decreased consumer spending and decrease in orders from manufacturers. Preliminary numbers from the research firm show that 2008 revenue has declines 4.4% compared to the $261.9 billion the global semiconductor market generated in 2007.

Windows boxes on Ethernet LANs are now in control of the UK's nuclear-propelled and nuclear-armed warship fleet. The programme is called Submarine Command System Next Generation (SMCS NG), and uses varying numbers of standard multifunction consoles with two LCD screens, hooked up on an internal Ethernet network installed on each sub. Initial reports as the programme developed suggested that the OS in question would be Windows 2000, but those who have worked on it have since informed the Reg that in fact it is mostly based on XP.

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