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Friday Afternoon #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 19-December-2008  16:13:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From drayzen: I just borrowed a set top box from a friend to try out digital TV 'cause my anologue reception seems to be degrading for some reason (yeah, I know way behind the times, but I don't own a mobile either so... meh) :P It looks like the dba.org.au site has vanished (I'd guess it probably had this stuff) so I spent a while hunting for official broadcast data and found it on the ACMA site. I've put the info in the wiki here. Anyway, just thought some people might find it useful for manual tuning etc.

NASA will be giving away Space Shuttles soon, thanks Andy. The proud new owners will need to stump up an estimated $42m in decommissioning and delivery charges for a shuttle and $400-$800k for a main engine, exclusive of shipping.

Bit-Tech consider NVIDIA's Ion platform. he GeForce 9400 MCP is a good part and we can't wait to test the actual product to check how viable the Ion platform is and how well it works with an Atom CPU.

They also have a graphics performance roundup. Finally, the 4870 X2 is the fastest card you can stick in a single PCI-Express slot, but it relies on CrossFire technology which means some games may not scale particularly well.

Clinton spotted this Xmas tree made of SCSI drives. He took those drives from RAID arrays destined for the scrap heap and, rather than perform the DoD wipe that would have otherwise been required, chose to build this lovely -- if somewhat askew (see below) -- "tree" from the bevy of mirrored platters within.

HotHardware and Intel got involved with a Need A Tech Makeover project, giving equipment to some people who need it. Recently, we announced our three lucky winners, a small town Performing Arts group called Steps Off Broadway, a stage 4 cancer survivor, Christine from South Carolina, and Susan from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm.

Tech-Report have a PSU roundup. In its latest outing, our beastly power supply tester takes on seven PSUs between 350 and 500W, including a lowly generic unit. Read on to see how these affordable models fare and why you should always stick with reputable brands.

Iain sent in a topical timewaster.. sock and awe, where you of course try to hit President Bush with a shoe.

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