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Wednesday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 24-December-2008  00:13:58 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

After learning about Minister Stephen Conroy's intentions of including P2P and Bit Torrent traffic in the internet filtering trials (as reported last night), it has come to our attention the existence of a secret high-level report submitted to the Rudd Government which highlights same major flaws in the internet filtering technology. The report says the filters would slow the internet - as much as 87 per cent by some measures - be easily bypassed and would not come close to capturing all of the nasty content available online. They would also struggle to distinguish between wanted and unwanted content, leading to legitimate sites being blocked. Entire user-generated content sites, such as YouTube and Wikipedia, could be censored over a single suspect posting.

According to some sources, AMD will soon release the RV740 chip which apparently will be a 40nm version of the RV770LE. RV740 is essentially a 40nm version of RV770LE core with 640 stream processors but has the goodness of the GDDR5 memories used currently by the HD 4870 card. Certainly, AMD reckons that 128-bit memory interface is sufficient for RV740 by using the GDDR5 memories. You will also be seeing RV740 cards with GDDR2, GDDR3 and even GDDR4 memories to give you more choices.

A Japanese developer has created a Blu-ray hybrid disc that will work with SD DVD players. CDRinfo reports the hybrid disc is able to share information between the different formats due to a semi-reflective layer that will block the blue laser used by Blu-ray players from penetrating the interior layers of the disc where the DVD information is stored.

Nvidia has announced plans to release unified drivers for notebooks with Geforce or Quadro based GPU's. We can only imagine that, if turning on PhysX on a desktop will be murder on your frame rate, doing so on a notebook will be twice as much. But we can see where GPGPU/CUDA will bring some comfort to the crowds (video encoding, etc), if they so wish. The unified driver will also lend a helping with Adobe CS4 and some well known distributed computing apps.

With the hottest electronics show in Vegas, CES 2009, only a few weeks away, Sony is set to unveil a "revolutionary new VAIO" notebook. Regardless of the economic gloom, all the big names are preparing themselves for the year's hottest electronics show in Vegas next month. CES 2009 is just 17 days away, and the usual suspects are beginning to tease products that - to quote Apple - will "change everything". One of the first up is Sony, and via a solitary page on its New Zealand website, it tells us to expect a "revolutionary new VAIO" that will "change the way you look at laptops. forever".

At the same event LG is going to unveil a new liquid crystal display it says will look as good outdoors in sunlight as it does indoors. The new LG Display panel can be switched between backlight mode, when indoors, to reflective mode, when outdoors, at the touch of a button allowing the best of both technologies without any compromise, the company said in a statement. An added benefit of this is that when the screen is switched to reflective mode the backlight turns off and battery life can be extended.

Red Digital Cinema apparently have developed a new Red 617 Mysterium Monstro camera that will feature a CMOS sensor that has 261 Mega Pixels (261,352,000 Pixels). With the popularization of digital cameras, we witnessed numerous discussions about the precision of human eye e.g. how many “megapixels” a human eye has? There are several answers on-line, but general consensus is that a single human eye has between 105 and 126 million rods and cones, e.g. “126 MPixels”. This number was extremely impressive at the time when most digital cameras had 1.3 MPixels, and still is impressive, with the world’s consumer cameras passing the 10 million barrier.

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