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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 31-December-2008  00:43:03 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

On Tuesday we learned that Microsoft's next OS, Windows 7 has appeared on several bit-torrent sites without any word from Microsoft themselves. Today we learn why we haven't heard anything about the release officially. Apparently someone leaked the build and put it on several bit-torrent sites thus infuriating Microsoft. You'd think they'd be used to this sort of thing by now. Microsoft is incandescent with rage over the recent leak of the Windows 7 Beta. Redmond planned to release this build to a select number of beta testers, as well as to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. However someone leaked the build and stuck it on several bit-torrent sites where everyone plus dog can have a look at it.

Windows 7 beta 1 Reviews on: TechReviewSource and ZDNet plus there is a huge Windows 7 thread in our software forum.

On 8th of January, 2009 Las Vegas will host the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at which we will see Nvidia officially steal the performance crown from ATI HD4870x2 by introducing the dual headed 55nm Geforce GTX 295. We already made a preview of the card here and it is clear that it wins over ATI's dual headed Radeon HD 4870 X2.

Another company looking at unveiling new tech at next month's CES 2009 is none other than the networking giant Cisco Systems. According to Cnet, for the past few years Cisco has been planning on getting in to the consumer electronics market with new products and a new division geared toward home entertainment. As a result, next month Cisco will be launching amongst other things, a wireless digital stereo system. That is the first small move in a long-term strategy to take on Apple, Sony and the other giants of consumer electronics. Cisco is working on other gadgets that will let people watch Internet video on their televisions more easily. And its biggest bet is that people will want to use a version of its corporate videoconferencing system called Telepresence to chat with their friends over their high-definition televisions

You really have to wonder what goes on in people’s heads at times. Reports coming out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin claim that two brothers, both in their 30's are facing assault charges for allegedly choking and stabbing each other, all over; wait for this...............whose turn it was to play a PlayStation 2 game. The Waukesha Police said that the argument quickly turned from an argument into an all-out brawl. One brother thus began to choke the other until the offended brother whipped out a knife and began to cut the assailant brother's hands. Enraged even more, the assailant grabbed the knife and stabbed his brother in the chest. His hands bloodied, the assailant brother fled the scene. He later turned up at the hospital with severely frostbitten fingers.

Fudzilla seems to think that Apple is either looking very closely at the home server market space or revising their current Time Capsule platform. With the recent buzz about a variety of home server and the expanded usability of NAS solutions, Apple could be thinking that the time has come for them to get into this market space with a product that could offer file sharing, picture archiving, and, of course, a centralized iTunes music database and storage.

SlySoft, the company behind products such as AnyDVD (Windows-based driver that works automatically in the background to unprotect encrypted movie DVDs, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray), have again managed to crack the BD+ encryption so that now you can make "backup copies of your HD Blu-ray disks. For those of you not following this one-sided fight, Blu-Ray movies do a lot of very unfortunate things, like stripping your fair use rights, preventing backups (no one has kids or pets that maul disks), being incompatible with boatloads of hardware, and transmitting every viewing, every click, and everything you do back to who-knows-where to be used against you.

Here's a story that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. A professor and a graduate student at Clarkson University might have found a way to make your teeth decay resistant by polishing teeth with nano-sized particles. Advanced Materials Processing Professor Igor Sokolov and his graduate student Ravi M. Gaikwad discovered recently that polishing a human tooth with nano-sized particles could prevent the adhesion of the “bad” bacteria associated with tooth decay and other dental diseases.

MSI has a new netbook coming, an MSI U115 Hybrid. The very first notebook computer in the world that is capable of operating both SSD and HDD hard drives simultaneously, combining all the features of SSD and HDD in the U115 Hybrid for your enjoyment. With MSI Exclusive Hybrid Storage Technology, in the "ECO on" mode, the battery life of U115 Hybrid is super long *. This amazing battery life can escalate the mobility and the productiveness of the U115 Hybrid, which can also make your daily lives much more convenient.

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