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Thursday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-February-2009  01:29:24 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

The company behind the BlackBerry Smartphone, Research in Motion (RIM) has opened a new headquarters in North Sydney. Indeed Canadian-based Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the smartphone BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Pearl and Storm handsets, has in fact yesterday opened a new regional headquarters in North Sydney to serve its customers in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha, Windows Mobile 7 will be out in 2010. In answering an analyst's question during the Q&A portion of his company's earnings call, Jha said: "Yes, we are still committed to Windows Mobile. As you know, Windows 6 series is available in 2009 and as compared to Android, we believe in 2009 Android is more competitive; more of our effort and focus in 2009 is going to Android, but in 2010 when Windows 7 will become available, we will then participate in a more focused way in Windows Mobile 7 in 2010."

NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos said that World of Warcraft is illegal in NSW because the NSW Classification Enforcement Act prohibits publishers and retailers from selling unclassified computer games, WoW being one game that hasn't been clasified. WoW is sold as boxed sets in retail stores without classification by the Classification Board or the appropriate labeling, for instance M or MA15+ on the basis that it is an internet game.

Toshiba has announced a new smartphone which is said to rival iPhone. Announcing its most impressive move into the smartphone market to date, the Japanese company has really stepped up its game today unveiling the 'TG01' - a 9.9mm thick handset with a huge 4.1in WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen display.

Sun has released a 64-bit Java Plug-In. Java 6 Update 12 will finally have a 64-bit plug-in, a feature that was first requested in January of 2003, as well as a 64-bit version of Webstart. Java Webstart enables the deployment of standalone Java software applications over a network or the internet.

Nikon has Unveiled a 'Time-Traveling' Camera. The 12.1-megapixel Nikon Coolpix P90's secret is that it's always shooting. When a user presses the shutter release button, it will save the previous ten photos that were automatically shot. The ten photos will only be 3-megapixel captures.

Anandtech is having a look at the performance of NVIDIA's Ion Platform. As much as I can appreciate beauty, what truly matters here is what’s on the inside and that’s what NVIDIA gave me the opportunity to do over this past week. If you haven’t already seen it, what I’m talking about is NVIDIA’s Ion reference platform. In a nutshell it’s Intel’s Atom processor paired with NVIDIA’s GeForce 9400M chipset.

MUSHKIN has unveiled their new DDR3 triple-channel kit that will come with a unique “radioactive” heatspreader. “This kit is the ultimate combination of newest technology and fancy design.” Proclaims Steffen Eisenstein, CEO of Mushkin Logistic GmbH very proudly, and continues: “The response for the “radioactive” heatspreader was huge, now we will have a hell of a party on DDR3!”
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