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Saturday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 7-February-2009  04:37:33 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

iiNet had its first hearing on Friday where Justice Dennis Cowdroy asked the AFACT counsel Christian Dimitriadis to lay out the key issues of the case. The three issues he then identified to be in question were whether iiNet authorises the acts of infringement, whether it was not liable if its customers infringed on copyright, and whether the Safe Harbour provisions of the Copyright Act would protect it against needing to carry out actions such as cutting off infringing customers.

Germany says "nein" to three-strikes infringement plan. While some countries are eager to implement a "three strikes" Internet piracy law, others are slowly backing away into the dugout. German lawmakers sat down privately with ISPs to talk about a proposed P2P policy that would take repeat filesharing offenders offline, but both sides have agreed that the policy's methods would be at odds with the country's privacy laws.

Opera has created a new JavaScript engine called Carakan which it says will be the fastest engine on the market. According to a report over on CNet, Opera is planning a replacement for the Futhark JavaScript engine that featured in the build of Opera 10 Alpha that was tested as part of ZDNet's benchmark suite with a shiny new engine dubbed Carakan and it should boost the performance considerably.

Lavalys has launched a new version of their popular PC diagnostic and benchmarking tool, Everest 5.0. The new Everest 5.0 brings an improved hardware monitoring module with new "Alerting" feature, support for OpenGL 3.0, support for Windows 7, extended audio information including OpenAL and High Definition Audio information, new information for installed Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, and GPGPU devices information for ATI Stream and nVidia CUDA.

techPowerUp has posted first pictures of Intel's LGA-1155, 1156, 1157 and Ibex-Peak platform motherboard. Intel's mainstream market implementation of the Nehalem architecture will come in the form of monolithic quad-core a dual-core chips that have northbridge machinery integrated. Based on the Lynnfield, Clarkesfield (quad-core) and Arandale (dual-core) designs, Intel will place the processors on a common system design dubbed the "Ibex-Peak".

The Inquirer posted an article in which they claim that Sony will ditch nVidia for Intel's Larrabee GPU for their next gen console, however, a report on TechRadar says otherwise. Sony Computer Entertainment has moved quickly to deny the latest rumours that Intel will be producing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has launched a new entertainment and celebrity news website called Wonderwall. Wonderwall.com is a joint venture between MSN, the internet arm of the US software giant, and BermanBraun Interactive, a media company based in Santa Monica, California. "Wonderwall offers people an engaging and visually dynamic perspective on the day's hottest pop culture stories, personalities and trends," MSN and BermanBraun said in a statement.

F-Script: Command-line Cocoa shell goes beta. Fun Script, also known as F-Script, is a command-line based interactive Cocoa shell. The open source F-Script offers a new way to create and interact with Cocoa objects using a simple scripting language and a Smalltalk-like development environment. Recently, the F-Script shell went beta, providing a new way to interactively build Cocoa.

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