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Friday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-February-2009  00:20:24 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

iPrimus will start Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's internet filtering trial in late April or early May. The trial, which will run for a period of six weeks, will be opt-in for customers. ISPs have been able to choose their starting dates, according to Andrew Sims, Primus general manager of Marketing & Products, but they must finish the trial by 30 June.

According to Google the Victorian Government has refused to provide data for Google's bushfire map thus limiting its scope to produce a real-time map of all the fires. The Victorian Government's refusal to provide data for Google's bushfire map mash up limited its scope and highlighted glaring problems with Crown copyright provisions, the search giant's top Australian engineer said yesterday.

ZOTAC will soon unveil their latest GTX 295 beast, a water-cooled GeForce GTX 295 Infinity Edition. The new card will be a part of Zotac's new Infinity Edition line up, but the specific clocks for this card aren't finalized as apparently they are still testing. Zotac will show the card at Cebit, but it won't be available before the middle of March. The connectors for the water cooling system are apparently standard, and Zotac will put some adapters for water cooling in a bundle.

I think many of us can relate to this story on how the Web is killing our ability to communicate. Thanks to the Internet, I can't communicate effectively anymore. Before I immersed myself in the world of blogs and vlogs, I communicated with others well. We'd talk about the weather, why the Yankees didn't have the pitching to turn things around last year, and the meaning of life. I'd make an argument, others would listen intently, and understand every word I said. It was great. But now, things are different.

This is almost becoming a weekly ritual for Google with yet another add on released yesterday called Location in Signature. Location in Signature seems like a really basic and sort of more useful version of latitude in that it doesn’t allow the same kind of Facebook-stalking privileges that you get with Latitude. You only share your location with people you email, in other words, people you want to talk to.

The European Commission has allowed Mozilla to take part in an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft. Mozilla is not a plaintiff in the case, it is only an "interested third party," which means it will be able to review the statement of objections that was sent to Microsoft last month, as well as provide arguments to the European antitrust regulators and attend a hearing if Microsoft happens to request one.

It would appear that Microsoft has managed to cause more headaches for Xbox360 owners with reports that the mandatory Dashboard update on 3rd of February has caused all sorts of problems. Common problems that users have reported are the system refusing to power on with a "Red Ring of Death," an error code E71 or E74, random freezing in games after varying periods of time and graphical glitches. Microsoft does not give many details about the aforementioned error codes, only that they are caused by "hardware failures."

BlackBerry creator RIM yesterday revealed a couple of new features in its upcoming next-generation BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 platform, code named Argon. At the exclusive press preview in New York this afternoon, RIM demonstrated the new platform, along with new BlackBerry Professional business applications. The firm also revealed new security technologies and the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS). BlackBerry MVS Server allows companies to link their BlackBerry devices into the corporate phone system to carry out advanced telephony functions.

And speaking of RIM, InsideHW has posted a review of the BlackBerry Curve 8900. New BlackBerry model that was launched by Research In Motion (RIM) in last week of January, belongs to Curve series although it is actually similar to BlackBerry Bold . Maybe there will be someone that won’t agree with the fact that Curve 8900 (also known as Javelin) is better than Bold 9000, Curve 8900 actually has a lot of advantages and new features.

A privately owned satellite and a de-commissioned Russian satellite have collided in space. A U.S. communications satellite reportedly ran into a defunct Russian satellite, which is the first time this type of incident has taken place, a U.S. military spokesperson publicly announced this week. "This is the first, unfortunately," NASA chief scientist for orbital debris Nicholas Johnson said. "Nothing to this extent" has taken place in the past.

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