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Monday Afternoon (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 16-February-2009  14:19:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

An Australian man has designed and built his own prosthetic arm after doctors told him he wasn't suitable for a prosthesis. "I have the most expensive bolt in Australia in my arm ... it's an $80,000 bolt that gives me back my shoulder function," he said.

LegitReviews have been throwing dry ice at their Phenom II's. AMD showed us that the temperature bug is long gone by running a AMD Phenom II X4 processor at 1.95V and at below -190C, but what can we pull off on our own test bench?

HWZone meanwhile looked at Phenom II performance with DDR3. Do these DDR2/DDR3 compatible CPUs get a performance boost by going DDR3? We find out what DDR3 brings to the table.

Guru3D look at how to use your GPU to accelerate MKV / x.264 playback. How would you like to learn to playback MKV / x.264 content 98% accelerated by your Radeon of GeForce graphics card ? And we'll even go a step further, optimize image quality with the help of your graphics card shader processors?

TweakGuides have a very detailed article covering the process of selecting and building a PC. It's lengthy, and a tad self-indulgent at times, but within lies what I hope to be not only some useful information for those who wish to build a Core i7 system, but also a range of interesting facts and issues to consider for virtually anyone thinking about upgrading their system in the near future.

Joel pointed this article where an ex-EMI director speaks his mind about copyright protection. Now freed from the corporate shackles, Johansen is far more pragmatic about the way the music industry should be working. Speaking to Swedish mag Dagbladet he says he now believes that files sharing does not amount to theft and thinks that the ongoing fight against piracy is useless.

DriverHeaven have an interview with XFX and also with Hiper.

Dopefish noticed there'll be paid videos on YouTube soon. While Google has always given its partners the option to offer downloads of their videos under the Creative Commons license, some of Google's partners will now also be able to charge for their videos.

Today's timewaster is Special Officer Academy from MM. Bork bork bork!

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