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Friday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-February-2009  00:25:02 (GMT +10) - by BlaYde

Telstra, the company so many love to hate, yesterday has officially confirmed that CEO Sol Trujillo will leave the company on June 30 this year. The telco said in a statement that Trujillo and the board had agreed that now was a suitable time to transition to a new CEO, given the transformation kicked off by Trujillo in 2005 was "well advanced and on track". Trujillo met with the board over the issue yesterday.

With the departure of Sol Trujillo now official, Greens leader Bob Brown says that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should cap the excessive salaries of corporate bosses. Shareholders should have the power to curb salaries above $1 million and the CEOs of companies that benefit from government bailouts should have their packages limited to $5 million or 10 times the prime minister's salary, he said. The federal coalition, in contrast, paid tribute to Trujillo, saying he had made Telstra one of the world's most successful telecommunications providers.

Optus is trialling web accelerator technology for use on its 3G mobile network. In November, iPhone customers were transferred in batches to having their HTTP web traffic routed through the accelerator. Now the web traffic for all handsets is being routed through, achieving a 10 to 50 per cent improvement in downloading web pages. "Since we did it, we've been listening to customers," Smith said. "They've noticed the difference."

Apparently, a study shows that mobile phone texting improves language skills in children. Texting helps children as it exposes them to a variety of words, she says. She continues, "The more exposure you have to the written word the more literate you become and we tend to get better at things that we do for fun. What we think of as misspellings, don't really break the rules of language and children have a sophisticated understanding of the appropriate use of words."

And another study also shows that listening to podcasts is better than going to lectures. Students perform better on tests when they use podcasts to take notesóbetter, even, than simply going to class. Though a recent study stops short of saying podcasts can replace classes, it shows that they can be extremely useful in supplementing lectures.

Intel has not only been busy with manufacturing new processors but also with changing their logos. The new logo is much wider than the previous one and on the top right corner you can see something that looks like chip. Core i7 and Core 2 Extreme logos are black, while Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 vPro are blue and very similar. Many Centrino logos are all in white, and the top one is Centrino 2 inside, runner up is Centrino 2 vPro followed by Centrino inside and Centrino vPro inside. Itanium, Xeon, and Core 2 Viiv sort of didnít change their format, while Xeon will come in new blue colour, probably for Nehalem based Xeons. New logos will be effective as of April 1st, the first day of Q2 2009.

It seems that Nokia is keen on getting in to the laptop industry. The world's top mobile phone maker Nokia is eyeing entering the laptop business, its Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said in an interview to Finnish national broadcaster YLE on Wednesday. "We are looking very actively also at this opportunity," Kallasvuo said, when asked whether Nokia plans to make laptops.

Ray Chen, president of Taipei based Compal Electronics, seems to think that Microsoft may begin shipping Windows 7 as early as September or October. Microsoft Corp. may begin shipping its Windows 7 operating system as early as the third quarter, months before the software makerís official prediction, a computer-industry executive said.
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