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Sunday Evening (10 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 31-May-2009  18:11:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Pretty much all post-move wrinkles have been ironed out, touch wood. Now to start seeing how the servers cope under load, and tuning the database software etc.

Here's an interesting but scary video story about battlefield robots. I had no idea their use was so widespread. Serious moral and legal dilemmas are posed by the increasing use of machines to replace solidiers in battle.

Google have a new collaboration tool called Google Wave. Christened Wave, the new system is a combination of email and instant messaging and document-, maps- image- and video-sharing all housed in one spot. There's a preview video here and discussion in this thread.

Rezin noticed a free ramdisk program, which could be interesting for playing around with. Dataram RAMDisk is compatible with all versions of Windows Vista (x86 and x64), Windows XP (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows server 2008 (x86 and x64). Dataram RAMDisk is FREE for disks under 4 GB.

Nintendo have given The Queen a Wii. A gold-plated one, naturally. But we thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn't want to play on any old console, so an extra-special gold one was commissioned. We hope that she and the rest of the Royal Family enjoy the game!

With the arrival of WolframAlpha and Microsoft's new "Bing" search engine, it's no surprise that Sergey Brin from Google reckons search is going to get smarter. Google Squared [a new service similar to Wolfram Alpha] combines information from hundreds of pages and put it in a table for you. You're going to see an increasing amount of that kind of smarts going on - you'll feel the search engine is smart.

A guy over on [H]ard|Forums has used an oven to fix dodgy solder points on his video card. sooooooo, i removed all bits from the card including the i/o shield and placed it gpu side down with the card raised up on 3 sides by tiny balls of aluminum foil and placed it on a very thin cookie sheet. i preheated the oven to 385f, put the card in and waited around 8-10 minutes. i carefully removed the cookie sheet and placed it on top of the oven to cool down naturally. waited about an hour and voila! =D

Evangel spotted a video showing Bohemian Rhapsody played by gadgets including scanners etc. Keep in mind the scanner and floppy drive are not musical instruments. These are mechanical devices whose motors tend to drift and can cause some notes to be out of tune.

Aussie visitors to the USA can expect tighter security, particularly when leaving. From 2010, all non-US citizens who enter the country on a visa or the visa-waiver program available to most Australian tourists will be required to follow the revised departure procedure.

The Perth Adult Lego Society (not quite as racy as it sounds) are working on a world record sized bridge. Part of a gigantic Lego train display to be shown at the 2009 Australian Model Railway Expo, this 46-feet self-supporting bridge will attempt to break a world record.

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