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Wednesday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-June-2009  19:24:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Microsoft's BING is copping some flack over porn access. By typing in words with sexual connotations, once the safety search setting is off, Bing users can access porn films and other similarly explicit material, within the site. Other search engines, such as Google, do not play the videos within their sites, but provide links to external sites.

SemiAccurate report on some next-next-generation AMD boards. Funny you should ask, how about 24 cores and 24 DDR3 DIMMs? That is what Inventec brings to market with the HPC board pictured above. It looks like there are two fiber NICs on the top right, but the board was too high up on the wall to get a close look.

Here's a strange one: The CIA is equipping Pakistani tribesmen with secret electronic transmitters to help target and kill al-Qaida leaders in the north-western tribal belt, in a tactic that could aid Pakistan's army as it takes the battle against extremism to the Taliban heartland.

Apparently Aussies and Kiwis generated 14 billion GB of data in 2008. By EMC's reckoning, that the equivalent of: 3,506,400,000 fully-loaded Apple iPods, 259,200,000 fully-loaded Blu-ray DVDs, 86,400 trillion Twitter feeds [tweets?], 138,240 trillion online bank transactions, or 5 trillion digital photos.

TorrentFreak say anti-piracy groups are targeting Australia's kids. The group’s so-called “education and awareness” campaigns will encourage children to take the opinion that piracy has nothing but a negative impact, with an aim to “motivate a change in attitudes and behavior to reduce public demand for illegal copies of film and television programs.”

PCPerspective have info on a new SSD controller from JMicron. Lets hope the ARM controller and cache help JMicron overcome the shortcomings of their previous generation controllers. Their current 'press' numbers are 230 MB/sec reads and 150-200 MB/sec writes, with IOPS figures pushing 15k/sec.

The results of the internet filtering trial aren't due until July, but in the meantime: The Rudd Government's internet censorship policy will cost about $90,000 per blocked web address to implement and the Government has admitted it has not developed any criteria to determine whether trials of the scheme are a success.

From Jason: After years of denying a new Monkey Island was coming and lots of speculation; finally a new Monkey Island adventure game IS coming. And a faithful remake of Monkey Island 1 is in the works.

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