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Friday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 5-June-2009  04:31:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AMD have demonstrated DirectX 11 capable hardware at Computex. Coverage on TechReport and Techfragments. AMD didn't announce a specific release time frame for its first DX11 GPU. However, whispers around Computex suggest a launch could take place in the late third quarter—think late September or early October. Discussion in this thread.

Andrew noticed an update to the Trade Practises Act that targets "hidden" fees. Online retailers face another set of issues, partly because selling online involves mandatory delivery charges, which will need to be included, but many online retailers sell across Australia, with different delivery charges for location, or for the amount of products purchased. We'll be keeping an eye on how online retailers manage the changes.

SilentPCReview have a single-moving-part PC. A 120x25mm fan spinning at a well-nigh inaudible 500rpm. This time, it's not just a caseless assembly suitable only for a test bench; this Single Moving Part PC — SMPPC ;) — is housed in a handsome case that would be perfectly at home in a living room or office. Again, an SSD is used in place of a hard drive.

MaximumPC have listed what they think are the most influential personal computers. In the following pages, we take a close look at some of the most influential personal computers of the past 40 years. From pre-microprocessor machines to the venerated IBM PC, each of these systems contributed in some way to the modern personal computing era.

AirQ sent word of an issue with the .Net Framework Firefox Extension. Unfortunately, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has taken steps to make the removal of this extension particularly difficult - open the Add-ons window in Firefox, and you'll notice the Uninstall button next to their extension is grayed out! Update: Apparently there's already a patch from MS, thanks Badooleoo.

PCPerspective have a scathing article about NVIDIA's latest 3D Vision using cheapy coloured glasses. NVIDIA showed a few games (Tomb Raider was one, Burnout: Paradise was another) running while supplying the press with those glasses seen above and while yes, it did look like things were coming out of the screen, it looked awful while things were coming out of the screen.

GoN report on Day Zero of E3. While the rest of us are stuck at home, experiencing E3 only through the wonders of the internets, Bennett Ring and a camera crew are stationed in LA, checking out all of the goodies first hand.

HWZone have a fairly detailed guide to building an i7-based PC, for budding DIY'ers. In the pages following, we'll show you what are the criteria involved in selecting these components and how to put them altogether - all the way till installing the operating system.

HardOCP checked out gameplay performance and image quality in the game Cryostasis. Cryostasis arrived from Russia this spring, mostly to hushed anonymity. NVIDIA seems to want it to be a PhysX showcase, but is it really up to the job? Come with us as we find out, using seven of today's best video cards.

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