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Monday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-June-2009  03:44:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Fusion-io and Fatal1ty have teamed up to make a consumer-level PCI-E SSD called the ioXtreme 80GB. Engineered to provide wicked fast transfer rates within high-performance PCs, the ioXtreme is an 80GB PCI Express card that should make your traditional HDD seem absolutely antiquated. More info here.

Google have a new search tool similar to WolframAlpha, in that it does more than just shovel web data at you. It's called Google Squared and there's a video here giving an introduction to how it all works.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is threatening to move Microsoft employees offshore if planned tax avoidance laws come into effect. According to 2006 reports, Microsoft transferred $16 billion in assets to secretive Dublin subsidiaries to shave billions off its US tax bill. 'Corporate tax is part of the overall advantage of doing business in Ireland,' acknowledged Ballmer in 2005. 'It would be disingenuous to say otherwise.'"

iXBTLabs looked at some overclocker-friendly DDR3 on Phenom II. Here is a short explanation that will help you understand test results: physically, memory modules with typical frequencies of 1600 MHz, 1800 MHz, or even 2000 MHz can be based on the same chips. Of course, module manufacturers have an opportunity to sort and select chips that can operate at higher frequencies with reduced timings or, vice versa, chips that allow to raise memory frequency with alleviated timings.

Tetris turned 25 on the weekend. The game was created by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer engineer who was working for the Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

A Swiss court has seemingly decided that the war on piracy is more important than privacy. However, despite these worries the court decided that privacy concerns are trumped by the needs of the anti-piracy company, noting that a legal basis is not required for them to operate, since they operate exclusively in the private sphere.

Breech noticed this open-source wireless keyboard sniffer. According to the project page, Keykeriki is intended to enable "every person to verify the security level of their own keyboard transmissions, and/or demonstrate the sniffing attacks (for educational purpose only)". Yes, "educational purposes."

Australian Police are looking into a phone banking scam. It is linked to a large email scam, or phishing, campaign that imitates official messages from the Commonwealth Bank. I've certainly been getting hojillions of those emails lately.

Everyone seems to be playing this LG Transformers-themed tower defence game, but there seems to be some concern about the authenticity of high scores. Anyway, it's a fun addictive timewaster for Monday, discussion here.

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