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Wednesday Midday (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 10-June-2009  11:23:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The 2009 MS Walk is on this weekend, thanks glasnt. You can sign up and donate here. Thank you again for all the generosity last year. But it's time to come together as a team, and show everyone just what OCAU can do.

OCAU member m0zzie has written faceoffIM, a standalone Facebook chat client. I wanted something I could use to see online friends, and quickly say something if I needed to - but without the distraction of facebook, and without the need to have a web browser open. Discussion here.

There's interesting stuff going on at the moon tonight/tomorrow. If you live in Asia and Australia you have a rare opportunity for an observing adventure tomorrow. On June 10th at 18:30 UT the Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya (originally called Selene) will end its two years of science with a final impact experiment. The location of the impact is very near the southeast limb close to 80E, 63S. This area will be in shadow as the Moon has just passed full, but easy to find just beyond the terminator south of Janssen. Visual observations and video monitoring may be rewarded with a bright flash or (possibly) a cloud of ejecta that rises into sunlight as the large spacecraft rams into the surface at 6000 km/hr.

Tech Report checked out some of the new CPUs that have arrived recently. The result? An enormous roundup of 26 different types of processors, including five brand-new ones. We've poked, prodded, tested for performance, measured power efficiency, overclocked, and considered the value propositions for CPUs from $87 to $999.

China will be installing mandatory screening software on all PCs. The aim is to build a healthy and harmonious online environment that does not poison young people's minds, according to the directive.

iXBT compared video cards in Vista. The i3DSpeed project is dedicated to informing you about performance of a large number of graphics cards in Windows Vista. Traditionally, we offer you performance charts of popular graphics cards and inform about best price/performance deals in the market.

Microsoft have a laptop hunter game running via a radio station. Rather than an ad campaign, this is more a promotion, so instead of just being given the cash, you need to find the “laptop hunter” by following clues given on Nova’s breakfast radio program. It’s happening in Sydney and Melbourne this week, ending on Friday June 12, while Brisbane’s version runs all next week.

Apparently there's another season of Futurama in the works! Comedy Central has ordered all brand new episodes of Futurama, and the show has officially gone back into production.

In Sweden, the Pirate party has won a European parliament seat. Sweden's Pirate Party wants to deregulate copyright, abolish the patent system and reduce surveillance on the internet. It captured 7.1 per cent of Swedish votes in the Europe-wide ballot – enough to win it a seat. Discussion here.

There's finally a new iPhone, to end all the rumours. There's also a new phone from Palm, and PC World compared them. On the outside nothing looks much different with the 3G S. The real difference is what's inside. So how will Apple's iPhone 3G s compare to the Palm Pre?

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