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Sunday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 14-June-2009  03:53:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

More news catchup from through the week:

In a quite bizarrely tragic tale, 100,000 websites were hacked due to a security issue with popular virtualisation software HyperVM. More info on the attack here, and it seems the scale of the attack has driven the CEO of the software company to hang himself. Discussion here.

Still on the security side of things, there's some new Mac malware out there. Two new pieces of malware for Apple computers have been found in the wild according to security firm Sophos.

Meanwhile Linux can claim the first USB 3.0 driver. Greg Kroah-Hartman already queued the patches for Kernel 2.6.31, "so Linux users should have official USB 3.0 support around September 2009.

Check out these extremely realistic portraits which are all computer generated. If you didn't know these were all created with a computer, would you think it was real?

Here's an amusing take on Google through a mandatory filter. Ruugle.com is a tongue-in-cheek protest website showing what the Australian Government would replace Google with if they got their way with the proposed mandatory ISP level (filtering).

A strange online music scam has been busted. The gang is alleged to have made several songs which they gave to an online US company, which uploaded them to be sold on iTunes and Amazon. Over five months they bought the songs thousands of times, spending about $US750,000 on 1500 stolen US and British credit cards, according to the Met.

Sniper spotted this interesting story about a guy who repossesses aircraft, among other things. For the past three decades, Popovich has been one of a secret tribe of big game hunters who specialise in stealing jets from the jungle hideouts of corrupt landowners in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil and swiping go-fast boats from Wall Street titans in Miami and East Hampton.

Breech sent in this military flight simulator that according to the video uses 9 projectors and 120 PCs networked together. All that processing power gets you 10,000 "entities" on screen at once, realistic explosion and destruction effects and "20-40 visual acuity", which is apparently as close to photo-realism as current projector technology can manage in a situation like this. There seems to be a bigger version of the video here.

PCPerspective looked at some NVIDIA CUDA-enabled applications. We chose to test MotionDSP's vReveal, Cyberlink's PowerDirector 7 Ultra, Loilo's Super Loiloscope, ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum, and Elemental's Badaboom to evaluate how these applications utilize CUDA technology as well as what performance benefits consumers will notice during the video transcoding process.

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