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Friday Morning (37 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 26-June-2009  04:18:49 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Quite a few people sent word that the Federal Government has set its sights on video games, planning to block websites hosting and selling video games unsuitable for 15 year olds. Separately, the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has been nominated by the British ISP industry for its annual "internet villain" award, competing alongside the European Parliament and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Discussion here.

A girl has apparently died from electrocution while using her laptop to post on twitter, while in the bath. Maria Barbu, 17, of Brasov, Romania, is said to have been plugging her laptop into wall current at the time, after "the battery died during a long session on social networking site Twitter as she took a soak."

Timbot sent in this funny Jack Thompson case mod. Mattigus bought a copy of Jack Thompson's book on eBay (which happened to be stolen from a library, by the way), gutted it and crammed in a PS2. Check out the pictures below, where you'll see GTA III being played by the Jack Thompson mod. Fantastic. :)

America's Army 3 came out a few days ago. As usual it's completely free on Steam or a standalone download. Discussion here.

Speaking of games, id Software has been bought by ZeniMax Media. While ZeniMax is not a household name like game publishers such as Electronic Arts and Activision, it is the parent company of well-regarded publisher Bethesda Softworks.

Mpot spotted this video about Project Natal, a whole-body control system. Cheesy, but interesting stuff. We would all love to one day have our own personal holodeck. This is a pretty measurable step in that direction. It's been out for a little while - there's a discussion thread here.

Another odd one is the Novint Falcon, a gun controller with tactile feedback, thanks Neil. You will also feel the varying weight of objects as you pick them up, and how the gravity gun compensates for an objects weight and decreases it significantly. Additionally, you will experience recoil that matches the look, feel, and sound of every weapon in game, along with unique reload forces for each and every weapon.

Tweaktown checked out Adaptec's zero-maintenance cache protection. Last week I sat down with Scott Cleland from Adaptec and was amazed with what Adaptec's latest product offering that will allow RAID controllers to move beyond batteries for backing up the cache data.

Tech-Report have a system guide recommending a few bits and bobs. Our latest system guide features a Phenom II- and DDR3-powered Econobox, a highly versatile Mini-ITX build (which can take a Core 2 Quad and a PCIe graphics card), and much, much more.

Check out this impressive case mod. Reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Discussion here.

Today's timewaster is The Box, from LethalCorpse. We hope that you're studying hard, but if you'd like a short break, why not play The Box, the new online game promoting UTS Engineering and IT.

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