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Tuesday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 7-July-2009  12:38:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ma Baker sent word that there's only 2 days left to vote in this month's Iron Chef. Choose the entry that you think best articulates the theme for Iron Chef June 2009: Mushrooms. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? Let the voting begin! Holy cow, there's some yummy-looking stuff in that thread.

HotHardware checked out high-performance ITX solutions from Zotac, SilverStone and Intel. If you find the idea of a tiny small form factor machine appealing but can't stand the limited performance and lack of customizability of current "nettops", then listen up.

HardOCP took a look at SSD RAID scaling under Windows 7. For today's article we are going to show you guys what a lot of you can expect when you jump on the Windows 7 bandwagon and slap together some RAID-0 SSD awesomeness with a sprinkle of the Intel ICH10R Southbridge aka x58 chipset. Just for good measure we are going to toss in some charts when running a dedicated RAID card to see what, if any, boost can be expected from such a setup.

Meanwhile TechReport looked at SSD performance in Vista. Our last SSD round-up caused quite a stir for using an older test system with Windows XP. We've now explored SSD performance on more current hardware with Vista x64 SP2, and you might be surprised by the results.

HWZone investigated graphics driver upgrades. ATI and NVIDIA release new drivers nearly every month with a promise of better performance and greater efficiency. We take cards from both makers and run them with drivers released in the past year to see how they handle performance, power and temperature concerns. Are the driver updates worth your time? iXBTLabs have a similar article.

Tweakguides cover Firefox 3.5. I have revised the Firefox Tweak Guide for all the changes in Firefox 3.5. The guide not only contains descriptions of the new features, as well as all existing features, it has every major tips and tweak required to customize Firefox 3.5 to suit your needs and get the most out of this browser.

HardCoreWare show you how to use a PS3 controller with your PC. This new guide explains how to get full control of the Playstation 3 controller in all versions of Windows - including 32-bit and 64-bit, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The illustrated guide will take you through all the steps, and in the end you will get a fully functional PS3 controller in any version of Windows you want - including Bluetooth connectivity, SixAxis control, and DualShock support.

LegitReviews have been overclocking their MSI Wind U100 Netbook. MSI recently released a BIOS update that includes overclocking features in the BIOS for the Wind U100 netbook series. Once this feature is enabled in the BIOS you can select a CPU overclock of either 8%, 15% or 24%, for a maximum overclock of 2GHz. Read on to see how far we can overclock our U100 and to see what overclocking does for performance.

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