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Sunday Afternoon (11 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 12-July-2009  17:44:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Urgghh.. over a week of this killer flu now. My face aches.

HyRax1 spotted a Free "Ubuntu Linux Secrets" eBook available for download. As it says - this book is now out of date (circa Ubuntu 8.10) and is thus now available for free download. At nearly 840 pages and 14.4MB, why not? Could be handy.

TrustedReviews have a roundup of affordable bass-friendly headphones. How low can you go? Stu takes a look at three pairs of portable headphones that aren?t afraid of bass.

XbitLabs check out mainstream GPU performance in MMORPGs. Again, the point of such games is not in eye-popping visuals but rather in the opportunity to interact with other players. Therefore a MMORPG gamer may appreciate an inexpensive card with passive cooling, especially as many such gamers play at nights and want to have a quiet computer nearby.

Gizmodo played around with Windows 7 Touch Pack. I scored one of the only copies of Windows 7 Touch Pack out in the wild, and it really blew my mind, bringing the full power of Microsoft Surface to touch-enabled Win 7 PCs.

Check out this impressive GPU milking machine, one hell of a folding box. I am still working on issues getting all 6 GPUs to post. If I can getting it fully functional I will load it with 6 GTX 295s and pop the 100Kppd ceiling with one rig.

HWZone have a Lynnfield Core i5 preview. You probably have seen a handful of Intel P55 motherboards during our Computex 2009 coverage, but today we've one up-close from ASUS - complete with a Core i5 Lynnfield processor as well. Join us as we delve in detail with the ASUS P7P55D Evo motherboard and what to expect in September 2009.

OCModShop interviewed Pete Hines of Bethesda Softworks about the merger of iD Software with ZeniMax media. What effect will this have on future ID releases such as Rage and Quake 5? Will we see future Doom games? Will Id move away from PC games towards consoles? Will there be any changes to Quake Con?

ZDNet have an article about the companies behind the race to the moon as we approach the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. The manufacturing of the Saturn V was the most ambitious and complicated multi-contractor construction and assembly project ever created or executed by the US aerospace industry. Endeavour is hopefully going to launch in 15 hours but it's been delayed three times already and the weather isn't looking great.

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