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Saturday Night (13 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 17-October-2009  22:40:27 (GMT +10) - by Dopefish

Techspot have a an interesting tutiorial on how to convert images to editable documents using free OCR tools. I guarantee that at least once in your life you've had to manually type the text of a printed paper into a digital document, and I'm sure halfway through you cursed at your keyboard and wished you could just scan the page into an editable text document. Sure, that can be easily taken care of with a scanner and OCR application at your disposal. But for those times when you are caught unprepared or on the go, a new Google Docs feature can help.

There has been a laptop provided to every pupil in Uruguay. Uruguay has become the first country to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school. President Tabaré Vázquez presented the final XO model laptops to pupils at a school in Montevideo on 13 October.

MaximumPC have created a 2010 technology preview. In this article they reveal a lot of the new tech that will hit the markets next year. So much in life is unknowable. Will the economy rebound? Hard to say. Will oil prices skyrocket? Maybe, maybe not. Will Brangelina add to their brood? Frankly, we don’t care. But one thing’s for sure: Technology is ever-changing and each year guarantees new advances for the PC user.

A second high speed 'Internet' has gone global. The new service is aimed soley at the science and education fields and has got some impressive connectivity. A newly expanded global Internet, to focus solely on science and education, now includes half of the world's countries. The high-speed fiber-optic network connects users at speeds of 10 Gbps. Credit: GLORIAD.

According to TorrentFreak, The Pirate Bay has taken its latest appeal to the supreme court. Two of the main judges appointed to the upcoming Pirate Bay appeal have been accused of a conflict of interest, since they have both been members of pro-copyright groups. The appeal court decided that the judges are not biased, but the defense has announced that it will take the case to the Supreme Court, which is likely to delay the trial.

With the second fly related story for a week, flies have apparently had bad memories written into their brains. Researchers have devised a way to write memories onto the brains of flies, revealing which brain cells are involved in making bad memories.

Computerworld has a story on Microsoft putting Firefox users at risk. Computerworld - An add-on that Microsoft silently slipped into Mozilla's Firefox last February leaves the browser open to attack, Microsoft's security engineers acknowledged earlier this week. ..."The .NET Framework Assistant [the name of the add-on slipped into Firefox] that results can be installed inside Firefox without your approval," Bradley noted in a Feb. 12 story. "Although it was first installed with Microsoft's Visual Studio development program, I've seen this .NET component added to Firefox as part of the .NET Family patch." In fairness, It appears that users other browsers were also put at risk, though.

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