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Tuesday Morning (31 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-October-2009  01:46:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I recieved two press-releases in rapid succession recently. One from Good Game saying they have a new host: Joining Bajo (Steven O’Donnell) in the Den of Gaming from Monday 26th October will be new Good Game host, Hex (Stephanie Bendixsen). Also, they have a new show: Good Game: SP will be the show for younger gamers by gamers. With 95% of young Australians aged 6 to 15 calling themselves gamers and the launch of ABC3, a channel dedicated to them, it was time for Good Game to spawn a new program with the needs of young gamers firmly in its sights.

The second press-release was from Junglist, of Good Game fame, saying he will no longer be on the show. Not my decision. Kotaku have some info too, mostly in the comments. To say the community response is "mixed" is an understatement. Strange, but best of luck to Junglist with his next move.

Flight sim fans will enjoy this report from Oz Flight Sim Expo 2009, with discussion here. The huge projection screens made for an awesome spectacle, and more than one observer stood glued to the screens making Top Gun references, fighting air to air engagements with their hands and muttering things like "Extend!" and "Splash!" as commentary on the action.

Reuters report that there may be an Intel Anti-Trust suit filed in the USA soon. U.S. antitrust regulators are moving toward filing a complaint against Intel Corp after the European Union fined the world's biggest chipmaker $1.45 billion for engaging in anticompetitive practices, sources said.

A Queensland hacker discovered how to withdraw $30,000 in one hour from an ATM. Brian Sommer stumbled across the system in August 2007 which could cheat ATMs by changing their computer hard drive settings, but came unstuck after using his mother's, his girlfriend's and his own credit cards to access the machines at a Bundaberg service station and in Hervey Bay.

UCLA say that first-time Internet users experience a boost in brain function after just one week. The findings, presented Oct. 19 at the 2009 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, suggest that Internet training can stimulate neural activation patterns and could potentially enhance brain function and cognition in older adults. I think learning any new skill is good for the brain - I'm learning the guitar at the moment and the theory certainly gives me a headache. :)

Here's some Windows 7 snippets: The Final Verdict on TechReviewSource, playing with the Extended Context Menu on TechSpot, performance compared with Vista on HardCoreWare and an unboxing Win 7 Pro video on Motherboards.org.

VooDoo spotted this video about the new Mad Max and the Australian film industry. Australian film director George Miller talks about the latest Mad Max film, which will be produced in New South Wales.

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