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Wednesday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-November-2009  13:49:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

SemiAccurate take a look at a 100-core CPU. TILERA IS CLAIMING to have the first commercial CPU to reach 100 cores, and while this is true, the real interesting technology is in the interconnects. The overall chip is quite a marvel, and it is unlike any mainstream CPU you have ever heard of.

BoingBoing report that an independent poll has found heavy illegal downloaders buy more music. This is in line with many other studies elsewhere and is easy to understand: people who are music superfans do more of everything to do with music: they see more live shows, listen to more radio, buy more CDs, buy more botlegs of live shows, buy more t-shirts, talk about music more, do more downloading -- all of it.

On a related note, TechDirt cover a 60 Minutes report on movie piracy. Except they don't show any proof whatsoever that organized crime has anything to do with movie piracy at all. They just claim it, talk about Mexican gangs, and then assume it must be true. But, of course, most of the report actually focuses on the internet and file sharing of movies -- which completely goes against the claim that organized crime is "making its money" off of video piracy.

Hector Ruiz, former CEO of AMD, has resigned as Globalfoundries Chairman amid allegations of providing information to inside traders. Mr. Ruiz provided information about A.M.D.ís efforts to divest its foundry operations to one of the defendants in the case, Danielle Chiesi, according to news reports. Ms. Chiesi shared that information with her then-employer, the hedge fund New Castle Funds, before passing it along to Mr. Rajaratnam of Galleon.

Games.on.net have a video showing the differences in the censored Australian version of L4D2. For instance, we miss out on the zombie riot cop character, because even killing an undead cop constitutes violence against an authority figure. It was that sort of content that got the otherwise fairly tame Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure banned outright.

The NSW Government has called for two new green datacentres for their IT needs. Over 30 agencies supporting dozens of data centres are currently in use by the NSW Government, which plans to move them all into the two efficient facilities by 2011. The request for tender will be released in early 2010, and will be issued as a 10 year contract, with two blocks of five year extensions for the design, construction and maintenance of the facilities.

Tweaktown give us a little preview of SATA 6G and some issues with it so far. So what of SATA 6G? - It eats up a hefty 600MB/s (theoretical) running on a single PCI-e Gen 1 lane, which means you lose 350MB/s; something you are bound to notice. But there is something even larger at stake here. When we tested the external PCI-e x1 SATA 6G controller on the ASRock P55 Deluxe, we saw performance that was less than 100MB/s when this controller was plugged into the only PCI-e x1 slot.

Phoronix compare CentOS 5.4 vs. OpenSuSE 11.2 vs. Ubuntu 9.10, performance-wise. With the release of CentOS 5.4 last month to bring this community enterprise operating system on par with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
5.4, we decided it was a good time to see how the server / workstation performance between this new CentOS release compares to that of Ubuntu 9.10, which was released last week, and also how it performs up against the release candidate of OpenSuSE 11.2.

HWZone checked out the "Power of 3" platform. Intel and NVIDIA have allied themselves in the battle against AMD with the introduction of the "Power of 3" platform. Simply put, it is any combination of Intel's P55 chipset and Core i5 processors, and NVIDIA's graphics card. Today, we are going to pit it against an all AMD system to see if it is really the superior setup.

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