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Saturday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 10-August-2002  10:37:30 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Klif-e posted an interesting thread in our forums, pulling apart some Phillips HP890 headphones.

PCStats ran a competition to find the best tips and tricks from their forum-goers.. the collated findings are here.

Linchpin spotted an article about optical computers using liquid light.. some cool stuff on NewScientist's site lately. There's a new image encryption system on the way, thanks Ben. Tristan sent links about a smart crow making tools.. more info here.

From raGneG: Just thought i'd mention the Central Coast Gamers LAN for anyone who is on the central coast (NSW) and wants to do some LANning! It's been post-poned to next weekend, but it will kick ass. It's $15 and yeah.. check out the website.

If you're thinking of going over to the Dark Side :), The C Man says: I got a nice little email from Apple inviting anoyone in the IT industry that is interested to attend a seminar/expo about new apple technologies and the all important OSX v 10.2. Tis a free seminar and there is one for every state.

xbit compared 2 new P4 DDR chipsets.. VIA's P4X400 and SiS's 648.

Alchemist was first to spot that Winamp 3 has been officially released now.

AMDMB have an article about watercooling fluid. Personally I use water with a smidge of cheap vodka in it to kill the nasties.

Decryption spotted a cool Mac mod.

Tech-Report compared the latest and greatest from nVidia and ATI, current kings of the graphics world.

From Mangar: This is the link to the paper written describing in detail the exact flaw in the XBOX and other related hardware using this form of encryption.

In the "War Against Terror" even pornographers turned hacker are having a go.. thanks Goofy.

Get yourself a large chunk of pc graphics history.. there's a Voodoo5 5500 for sale, thanks David.

Here's a page about hacking consoles (as in, pulling them apart and modifying them), thanks ~L.

A heap of modding stuff from Goofy: here is a DIY usb light, here is an SB Live! external volume control mod, here is info on adding a hard drive window, here is an acrylic psu cover mod, here are multi colour cold cathode fluros and here is spray paint that only shows colour under UV light.

CoolerMaster HSC-V62 heatsink on BurnOutPC.
eDimensional wireless 3D glasses (video review) on 3DGameMan.
TweakMonster USB keychain drive on ExtremeOC.
Blizzard 900 case on OCIA.
Lian-Li 6085T aluminium case on PCReview.
Corsair XMS3200 C2 DDR SDRAM on Tech-PC.
Windtunnel IV case on ViperLair.
JVC GR-DVM76 Camcorder on TheTechZone.

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